Rule Index: All Rules Here

In case you’re short on time and want to quickly get a lay of the land regarding the website, here is a bullet-point list style conglomeration of the rules covering the entire site so that you can become a part of the community even faster.

While this is an overview of our rules, we highly encourage you to click on the corresponding topic links and read through them to get a better grasp of the rules and where we’re coming from in regards to their creation.



Profanity and Sexual Innuendo

  • Keep this to a minimum.
  • Staff will edit what we find unsuitable at our discretion.
  • Use common sense and keep this place child-friendly for the most part.
  • No violent, pornographic, or otherwise content allowed.

Debates/Flame Wars

  • Debates are allowed.
  • Keep it civil.
  • Do not personally attack others.

Religious/Political Discussion

  • Political and religious discussion is not allowed.
  • The staff hold the right to discern what is allowable and what is not when it comes to references.


  • Spoilers are not allowed outside of specific spoiler topics and spoiler tags.

Duplicate Topics

  • Please use the search feature before posting a topic to see if it’s already been made.
  • There is no revival limit, and as such “necro-posting” or “reviving a topic” is allowed.

Double Posting

  • Double posting (one post after the other) is not allowed.
  • The only exception is if you are the creator of a creative work and have an update for your own topic.

Topic Titles

  • Be descriptive. Make sure your topic title explains what the topic contains within.
  • Don’t use “Look what I found!” or “Really cool thought I just had!” or vague titles like such.


  • The TTV Channel and the language primarily used here is English.
  • Please try to avoid speaking another language.
  • Do not purposefully alter your speech to be barely coherent. Leet-speak is not allowed.
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar to be better understood.


  • Use common sense.
  • Do not post stuff that is unreadable or off topic.
  • Do not post useless content, such as only hashtags.
  • The staff retain discretion to decide what is and is not allowed.

Amendment I

  • Screamers, pop-ups, or jump-scares are absolutely prohibited.
  • This is worthy of suspension if this rule is ignored.


Respect the Members

  • Everyone deserves respect to a degree.
  • Handle a situation calmly and politely.

Respect the Staff

  • Not "monkey see, monkey do. Do not copy staff actions.
  • We expect our staff to be fair and respect our rules. If they do not, we will do our best to deal with them.
  • While you may not respect the person, you are suppose to respect their position.
  • We reserve the right to disregard any of the rules because we can.
  • If staff members cross the line, we (the TTV Cast and Crew) will punish them accordingly.

Respect the Cast

  • Do not impersonate TTV Cast Members.
  • Do not ship Cast Members and fans.
  • We don’t know many of you that well, so some jokes may come off as offensive, even if it’s something we’ve said to each other.
  • Be aware that just because we say something on the podcast doesn’t mean you can necessarily say those things here.

Don’t Do the Moderator’s Job

  • Do not play moderator.
  • Flag offending content for the staff. That is a legitimate help to us.


  • Do not troll people.
  • Do not antagonize people.
  • If you do decide to troll people, the staff will decide if it gets to stay or not. This depends on if we think you did it well enough to be enjoyable. We recommend that you play it safe regardless.

Amendment I

  • Do not create fake leaks.
  • This means the creation of unofficial promotional imagery with the intent to trick, discredit, misdirect, or garner attention from message board users.
  • Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • Discussion of leaks is allowed. However, do not attempt to pass off a leak you made as something you did not and discuss it. You will be caught.
  • Creation of fake promo imagery for the sake of criticism, parody, or satire is allowed.

Amendment II

  • Community provocation is not allowed.
  • This means the intentional instigation with the goal of stirring up controversy, riling up other members, inciting flame wars, or promoting rebellion.
  • Staff rulings are final, regardless of community opinion.
  • This website is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship.
  • If a member decides they don’t like the way the site is run, they are free to leave and request that their account be terminated (banned indefinitely).

Amendment III

  • Duplicate Accounts are against the rules
  • This rule has been enforced for some time, but has been missing, so it’s being added now
  • Do not attempt to circumvent your punishment as we will find out and your account will be swiftly banned

Spam Rules (and Quality Discussion Guide)

Stay On Topic

  • Do not veer off-topic.
  • If you wish to discuss something else, either find the topic it relates to or make one of your own.

Add to the Discussion

  • Take a step back and see
  1. How informal what you’re saying is.
  2. If this reply is only going to benefit the person you’re replying to.
  • If you’re saying “cool!” or “agreed!”, then just use the “like” button. There is no need to post with that.

Please Flag Stuff For Us

  • Flagging content against the rules is helpful to us.
  • If you see anything that could be considered spam, please flag it regardless.
  • Being helpful on the boards could help you toward becoming a Staff member.
  • The flagging process is simple - click the button, select the kind of error you think it is, and send.

I Hate These Word Crimes

  • Please realize that not paying proper attention to spelling and grammar is one of the easiest ways for your post to get flagged and/or deleted.

Memes Get Old

  • Do not spam memes.
  • Refer back to the rules regarding adding to the discussion.
  • If you see a post that is nothing but a community meme, please flag it.
  • If you have created something that adds to a joke, then that is allowed. Try not to kill it, however.

PM Guidelines and Confidentiality

  • PMs are defined as a private or personal message between two or more people.
  • Admins can read your PMs.
  • However, we take your privacy very seriously.
  • Staff members do not actively monitor PMs.
  • Most rules do not apply to PMs.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated

  • This means bullying, insulting, or spamming.
  • Obviously, context is important, so these instances should only be reported if the user is doing this to cause harm or grief to those they know would find the remarks offensive.
  • Spamming here is defined as re-posting links, images, gifs, or videos in an attempt to annoy, confuse, or antagonize another individual.

Do not add people to new PMs everyday

  • It’s annoying. Seriously.
  • If you have asked a user to stop adding you to a PM and they have not, report/flag the person and we will deal with it personally.
  • Staff members reserve the right of authority to PM conversations they are added to.
  • This means that staff members can use their right as staff to enforce the rules of the boards within any PM conversation they are in if they so please.

Avoid overuse/abuse of a single PM conversation

  • PMs that have reached 8,000 messages need to be closed and replaced.
  • Overuse of a single conversation can cause the entire site to perform sluggishly and harm image uploads.

Dooooooooon’t fiiiiiiight

  • Try to avoid fighting if at all possible.
  • Fights will be broken up by staff if flagged.
  • While staff will advise you to take a discussion to PM, that doesn’t not mean you are allowed to start majorly fighting.
  • We trust you to use common sense.

No inappropriate material is allowed

  • No violent, pornographic, or otherwise content allowed.

Trend Topic Guidelines

  • Trend Topics (topics duplicating the same joke but with a different member) are not allowed.
  • Topics created before the rule (October 16th, 2014) are allowed to remain.
  • Staff have jurisdiction over if a topic remains open or not, regardless of time of creation.

Amendment I

  • Community Projects may only be started by Masters.

Amendment II

  • Goodbye/Returning topics are not allowed.

Amendment III

  • Contests must have a physical prize or equal equivalent.
  • Contests can only be hosted by Masters, and only 3 per year per Master.
  • Contests have to end a maximum of three weeks after being started.

Joke Topic Rules

  • Joke Topics are not allowed anywhere on the boards.
  • The exception to this is the Master-exclusive Highly Suspect Hideout.

Leak Policy

  • Posting or linking to leaked images with confidential markings on the TTV Message Boards or our comments sections on YouTube is no longer permitted
  • Doing so will result in an immediate and permanent account and IP ban.
  • Discussion of leaked content, however, WILL continue to be allowed on both the TTV Message Boards and our comments section on both Vessel and YouTube

Amendment I

  • Cropped leaked images are not allowed
  • This means that images featuring comparisons between leaks and finished sets are not allowed

Amendment II

  • The Leak Policy extends to full length footage of BIONICLE or LEGO related footage not intended for non-profit release.

The BIONICLE 2016 Topic
Any at length discussion or multiple posts deemed off-topic in this topic will from here on out be followed by a 24 hour suspension.

Discord Servers

  • Discord servers not expressly allowed by the staff are not allowed to be linked.
  • If discovered, punishment will ensue.
  • The Official TTV Patreon and Fan Server are allowed and available for use.
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This topic is now pinned. It will appear at the top of its category until it is unpinned by staff for everyone, or by individual users for themselves.

Glad to see we have a version of the rules all in one topic!


I was unintentionally tagged in this topic

I 100% support this


Little TL but hopefully new users will read this.


Does this mean we can flag leet speak?


Yes, although there's no hard and fast rule on what will and what won't get deleted. A basic guideline is, if there's enough leet that the post is difficult to read, then it's worth flagging.



MT is talking about himself again


This rule is basically been explained and that makes me happy

@DaGrammaticulMoovment is going to have a field day

It is actually quite concise, for the amount of rules in it.


We're getting massively off topic here. Normally I wouldn't have much of a problem with friendly side banter, but since this is an official rules topic and all, I'd prefer it if discussion moved elsewhere unless it's actually about the rules.



Woah. If all of the posts were deleted, does that mean my flag was removed?
Tell me yes, then delete this post @MT_Zehvor-sempai!

Reply hazy, try again later


That moment when you realise....

That you have broken some of these rules...............


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.


I dunno Var. It seems important enough to be pinned as a banner.
Also, love the new banner on the front page!

Anyways, the rules are always important. If anything, you should put this in the banner on the front page for awareness.


No screamers eh?



You're banned, forever.



Varderan already posted this in the Behavioral Rules part, but I think it should be shown here so when we link the rules via this topic, it also shows:

Amendment I: Creation of fake leaks are not allowed.
The means the creation of unofficial promotional imagery with the intent to trick, discredit, misdirect, or garner attention from message board users. This includes any fake/unofficial box art, set pictures or catalog photos. This is a ban-able offense! If a user is caught creating fake imagery and spreading it on the Message Boards, they will be banned from the boards permanently.

We take the information that we present to our members and viewers very seriously. We want to make sure that both the channel and our message boards are presenting reliable information so that any and all BIONICLE fans that stumble upon us know that they can trust us to bring them real news. We do not condone individuals abusing our website to use that trust against them.

Discussion of leaks are allowed, and this includes fake leaks as well. However don't try to be sneaky and make fake leaks pretending they're real or that you discovered them somewhere else. You will be caught, and you will be banned.

Creation of fake promo imagery for the sake of criticism, parody, or satire is allowed.


Is there a rule regarding "dead" topics? whats the furthest date back it is deemed acceptable to reply to?

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eh... depends

if it's a dead topic with no other content to really talk about them, mods lock em or we all ignore them.

if you have content to add and can revive discussion, It might be work it

I think anything before last new year is the limit....


Thanks! I know on bzp, it's a firm 60 days from the last post. I tried looking for a similar rule here and couldn't find anything so I just wanted to ask if there was a definite limit before I broke da rules.

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Yeah, we have no concrete revival limit. smile