RPG Discussion Rules (UPDATED: July 27 2019)

Welcome Everyone, to the new RPG discussions subcategory!

You’re now inside the future home of all discussion relating to the RPG’s going on in the RPG subcategory. Here you can find Sign-Up topics, discussions and even game Pitches!

The purpose of this category is to keep the original Role Playing Games category free of non-game discussion and make sure that the focus stays on the games. To that end, these are the rules for this particular subcategory.

    This is to allow, if you so choose, for players to easily explore the profiles of those playing in the same game as them. I am in no way going to enforce this, but be aware that ONLY ONE OF EACH TOPIC WILL BE ALLOWED PER RPG

    This is fairly simple - it lets people easily find the topics that pertain to the game they are playing.

    I realize that the situation involving removal of OOC PMs comes with a certain amount of growing pains. As such, we will be slightly more lenient towards double posting in this category. Just don’t abuse it and be smart - if no one’s responded all day, we won’t care. If you’re quadruple posting every hour for hours we’re gonna crack down a little.

Outside of these two “rules” anything goes. TTV Board general rules apply, and we will NOT be more lenient about language in this subcategory. As this category is for Out-Of-Character interactions only, the full force of the TTVBoard ruleset applies here.

All other TTVBoard Forum Rules apply.

I would also recommend to those hosting RPGs that they post a brief summary of their game (This can also be the same one that was used in the first post of your RPG itself if you so choose) just to give players a sense of what they’re playing. In addition, I recommend linking to the corresponding topic of your RPG in the first post as well.

I will also be allowing timed pins for discussion topics in the event that a major event is about to occur in your game. These pins will only last 24 hours and will be restricted to this category only, not the games one. Please PM me if you wish to take advantage of this, but note that if the privillege is abused it can and will be revoked.

EDIT JUNT 27, 2019:
Addendum has been created allowing for the slight loosening of rules pertaining to double posting in this topic.

HOWEVER, Because of recent events that have transpired, I encourage everyone to reread the board rules thoroughly. RPGS enjoy relaxed language moderation, relaxed double posting rules, and a specific subset of rules that do not apply outside of the category - specifically those pertaining to GM’s.

What the RPGs Section does not get an excemption from is the rules pertaining to behavior on the boards.


For reference, what would you say the limit by for the RP itself?. Could someone set it up in a way where it goes in a episodic format, where once they get the main purpose of that episode it ends and they start a part 2 of that RP, making it easier to jump in and not jump in at a bad time? Just wondering.

If someone wanted to do that for their own RPG, I’d certainly encourage it. However, I’m currently going to set things on a three month rotation, and leave the individual restarting and managing of games to the GMs that make them.

Now if a GM asks to restart before/be given an extra week to wrap things up, that can be arranged!

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OK, Cool. I was eventually thinking of starting my own RP based on my story, once I finish it. I was thinking of doing a plot structure like that, hoping it would allow easy leave of the game and easy entering without obstructing the plot too much.
(Edit I think I didn’t explain myself to well.) The basic plot structure I wanted to go for is that the PCs (Player Characters) would be part of a platoon, that would scout the different regions, reclaiming them and what not. The story would last for seven episodes, where after and during those episodes, PCs would be able to leave the platoon. At the beginning of a episode new members could join, with a plot synopsis of what happened prior. This would hopefully allow that freedom of joining the game without needing to read the previous sections. Allowing the PCs to jump right in.

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Would GMs be allowed to tell players to keep character profiles within the discussion topic?

Imo each character for each to having a topic sounds a bit chaotic

I may have phrased that awkwardly, but i meant that GM’s can create topics specifically for compilinrg profiles if they so choose.

Y’all can set up your RPGs how you like, but these changes are more to keep things semi organized!

Can people discuss RPG things that don’t pertain to the actual roleplay category? Like, if I wanted to make a topic talking about my D&D setting, would I do it in here or would it have to go in the off topic category?

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That… that is actually a good question.

If our RPGs category was significantly busier I would say put it in Off Topic, however I don’t see an issue with keeping these things separate.

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So a bit of a unique question; I’m going to be running the sequel to the Okotan Adventures RP (with the permission of Runa, of course), so that he has time to focus on other projects. Do I need to post a new sign-up for that?


So this is a weird question but what happens to a banned members characters?

That is a decision best left to the GM of the game.



Can I run multiple RPs at any one time?

For now I’m going to say prove that you can run a single one well and I’ll consider letting you run more than one.


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I recently found out about Discobot due to it popping in the Intro Topic. Since it has a dice function, would it be allowed to be used for dice rolls for a hypothetical DnD campaign?


I see no issues with that, I’ve never run into Discobot soooo yeah.

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@discobot !roll

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Welp, that didn’t work

@discobot roll 1d6

I believe this is how it is formatted

:game_die: 6

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