GHIDONICLE™️ Fanon Contest #2: The Slayer

After the downfall of Ghid’s master privileges, It seemed that the GHIDONICLE™️ fanon contests would end. However, today the contests come back.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to build Marendar, the robotic Toa killer.

All of Marendar’s info can be found here. I’m not going to be a stickler for all of the canon details, as this is GHIDONICLE™️, where you can enter a truck with a mask on the front.

However, there is one big rule you have to follow for canon purposes. Your Marendar MUST be roughly to scale with the toa Metru or Inika (either are fine).

Your Marendar CANNOT

-Have painted/modified LEGO pieces. If something’s got printing or an immovable sticker, it’ll have to be left as is. No illegal parts modification whatsoever.
-Contain third party/bootleg pieces. This is a LEGO contest, after all.

And I mean like it would be really nice if you had fun but I’m not going to disqualify you if you cried while building I guess


  1. Each MOC must have sufficient breakdown images as well as one main image to represent the MOC in voting.
  2. All entrants must abide by the TTV Message Boards rules and guidelines.
  3. In order to enter, a new topic must be made for the creation with (Fanon Contest #1) in the title. That topic must then be linked in a post here.
  4. Edits or additional photos may be requested. If they are not provided within three (3) days of request, the entry will be disqualified.
  5. I strongly encourage your model to be recognizable within the Bionicle world. However, if you’ve got something totally wacky planned, don’t let me stop you!
  6. 3D printed Masks and Weapons are allowed. However, custom pieces used for any other portion of the MOC are not allowed.
  7. Digital models are allowed, provided they do not break the above rule.
  8. MOCs created before this contest are allowed (and encouraged), however they must abide by the above rules.

Clarification of Above Rules (To be updated over time and future contests)

Paint: I have only barred paint if the paint is intending to produce a color or combination of colors to achieve something that cannot exist otherwise. If your painted pieces reflect colors that actually exist, you are allowed to use them - however I reserve judgement on what does and does not qualify.

Now, here’s the part you all have been waiting for. The winner of the second GHIDONICLE™️ fanon contest will receive a $10 Chick-Fil-A Gift Card! Once the votes are counted, I will be PM’ing the winner the code and instructions for redeeming the card.

I will also be spotlighting my personal favorite entry in the contest after the voting ends. No prize for my preference, though.

And most important of all: The entry period runs from Today, November 23rd, 2022 , until
Wednesday, December 14th, at 11:59 AM EST.
After that point the public voting will begin.

Now get out there and get building!



I am Ghid, and I approve this GHIDONICLE™️ Contest.

Part of the reason for the scale requirement is that the opportunity to build big, excessively flashy Marendar MOCs will come in the Duckbricks contest, where you can build them to whatever specifications is required there. Here, however, the only rule to follow is the size - go crazy on everything else.

And as Cordax already explained, pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t an acceptable entry in a GHIDONICLE™️ Contest is completely fine and even encouraged. Stay within TTV rules, though.

Oh, and since I’m not hosting this one, maybe I’ll take a stab at the prize myself. Not likely, because I’m not that good…

See you all on the 14th. :tuma:


Ah, here it is. Maybe I’ll have a go.

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oh yay this is back!

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I could enter, but idk if I feel motivated enough and the price is pretty useless to me.


yeah the prize this time is really just so that I’m allowed to do the contest

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at long last
it’s marender time

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I’ll have a go even though Chick-Fil-A is nonexistent in the Uk

My favourite part of bionicle was when Marendar said “It’s Marendarin’ Time” and Marendared all over the Toa


i’ll take your jesus chicken card if you win


What makes you think i’d give it to you