Role Playing: Rules and Guidelines (UPDATED JULY 2 2018)

Welcome to the RPGs Forum!

Here’s where all your main game topics will go, and your one stop shop for games to play! The rules here are a little bit different than they used to be, and definitely different than the rest of the forum, so I’ll outline the basics here.

Please note that since this board has been neglected for four years, these rules are subject to change based on feedback and whether or not these changes actually work or not.

  • Only game topics are to be posted in this Category
    Discussion topics and sign up topics have their own subcategory that can be found here.

  • Game Masters (GM’s) are the ultimate authority in their games
    Each Game Master should be treated with the same respect as a regular board mod within their own RPG. The Mods can and will supersede this allowance if necessary, but consider the GM’s words, and the words of anyone who they appoint to assist them, law.

  • OOC only posts will no longer be allowed in RPG topics
    This rule is not so much a hard “don’t do this” as it is a “try to avoid this.” Each GM is going to have different levels of tolerance towards this, and I leave it to their individual discretion.

  • Language and content rules are similar to those in literature
    I’m not going to try to tell you not to write violence, or romance, or really anything. These are games, play them and play them well. However, nothing excessive or the staff will be forced to get involved.

  • As of now, RPGs will no longer last into perpetuity in a singular topic.
    What this means, is that RPG game topics will have a soft cap on how long they can run before needing to be “restarted.” There will be plenty of warning before your topics get closed, so don’t worry that much about it. The main purpose of this is to “Auto Moderate” dead RPGs, and keep the new ones from becoming to intimidating for new players to join. If there are huge issues with this system three months from now, we can look into modifying or removing this system.

    I understand this is incredibly unfortunate for many of you, however, I do believe that being able to focus on a single game rather than three or four games is better for everyone’s enjoyment. To this end, we will be testing out, for this “season” only, requiring approval from board mods before opening multiple RPGs at once.
    The reasoning behind this is simple: If you haven’t proved you’re capable of leading one RPG, you definitely aren’t capable of leading two or more. This can, and will be revisited in the future.

All other TTVBoard Forum Rules apply.

Outside these rules, you have relatively free reign in your games. I, and the other staff, have no interest in interfering with your games, but we will if necessary.

Some tips!

  • GM’s, you may wish to make sure that your first post in your game topic adequately explains the setting and general starting plot of your game

  • Players, remember that the more effort you put into your posts, the more fun everyone will have! One paragraph is a more fufillin move in an RPG than a rapid fire series of sentences.

With all these changes in mind, the current cap will be set on 3 Months starting from April 4th, 2018. A pin will be set in this subcategory with the date that current RPG Topics will be closing, (July 4th, 2018) with one months warning. You all have plenty of forewarning, but I have no problems with reopening or aiding in the migration process one this begins, just make sure to PM me if you have questions or need a hand.


Thanks for making this category! It should be a bit easier to find my RP now. I’m messaging from my hotel in Scotland, so I won’t be very active. Anyway, thanks.


Uhh even in RP no double posting right?


What is the maximum number of allowed gameplay topics for a single RPG, not counting Discussion/Sign-Up?
Example: If sombody was working on something more akin to that of a sandbox game, and it had, let’s say, around 16 different and unique locations, would it be okay to create separate topics that only contained a few of them at a time in order to largely avoid the massive amounts of clutter attributed to cramming them all into one?


Hey, I’m looking for second opinions on a pen-and-paper RP system I’m working on. Would it be more appropriate to power it here, or somewhere else"

It would be posted here.

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Can someone answer this?

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This too.

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Double posting is not allowed

There’s nothing saying you can’t, but it might not be successful or anything

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Here’s a quick question, if I want to host a rp about Magic would it be okay if the games that happened to untilise Xmage?


We had a yugioh rp on the boards that lasted a while. Tbh this should be fair game.

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I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that, for the time being, having multiple topics for locations isn’t going to be allowed. I know it’s been done in the past, but that was also in forums with a much larger RPG playerbase that made it necessary for organization.

EDIT: That being said, I’ve thought about it a little bit and if you post this RPG and run across issues with organization, I’m not opposed to trying out splitting topics either. :slight_smile:

Double posting is allowed ONLY if a total period of 24 hours has occurred between posts. The way I see it, if you want to bump a game after a day of no posts, go ahead. If it happens too many times in a row though, the game will be called dead.

(At least to me ;P)

I’m not personally opposed to it, but I’d only ask that you ensure that the system being used is relatively in line with the TTVBoard censorship policies and such. I took a quick look and there doesn’t seem to be any real issues, however if anyone PM’s or flags in regards to stuff that happens in Xmage I’ll be treating it as though it happens on these boards.

“All can be given, all can be taken away” :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet, thanks for the reply

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Alright, hate to have to do it right before the reset but it’s as good a time as any.

Starting from today, starting Multiple RPGS concurrently will require permission from the TTVBoard mod squad. The reasoning behind this is simple: if you’ve proven yourself adept at running one, you can probably run two. We’re also about to spend a ton of resources on the fourth resetting these boards to start fresh, and I personally do not want one person starting eight RPGs that never get off the ground because they don’t devote any time to them.

This one will be revisited, I promise you that. In a month and a half’s time, midway through this “season” we’ll make a poll of somekind where you can chime in on the reset and whatever additions, subtractions, or modifications you would like to see.

Remember this is your board, I don’t want to kill the fun, but I also want to strive to have a really good community here, and to keep things organized.

Oh, I should probably mention though, that just as we’re allowing you to open new topics for your RPGs, I’ll grandfather all your RPGs into this rule if you currently have more than one with regular activity in the last week.



So, just for clarification, say I have two active RPs when the the reset happens. Does this mean I can open new topics for both without having to ask for mod approval, or should I still?

Also, is there a concrete time on the 4th when the reset will happen?

You’ll be able to open new topics for both yeah. I considered @'ing you in that specifically :stuck_out_tongue:

The reset is going to be kind of slow moving. I’ve asked the mod squad to assist wherever and whenever possible but it probably won’t be complete until late in the day. I’ll leave it up to your discretion if that means you want to keep playing on your current topics until they’re locked or if you want to wait.

The other option would be to make a post that “ends” that topics for your RPG, at which point flag it, and the mods can close it now so that you don’t have to worry about knowing where to start off the new one.

Like I said, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error here, and I hope everyone will bear with us while we figure out how we’re going to do this. Future resets will be much more painless :slight_smile:


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Alright. Thanks for the clarifications!

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask or not, but would anybody be so kind as to remind me when the next RP reset is? I can’t seem to find the date anywhere.

January 4th is the next reset, at which point I’m going to look into automating things.

Currently it’s running on a 3 month timer, and, well, to be perfectly honest when I thought to implement the reset I had a lot more time on my hands than I do now.

Since I can’t justify prioritizing the boards over my job and schooling, but Also don’t want to leave you guys hanging, I’m trying to figure out a better way that doesn’t involve completely kaiboshing the system XD