Runa Attemps to Draw Profile Pictures for You People!(Requests Temporarily Closed)

I think I’m making a mistake
So, have you ever wanted to have a different profile picture, but couldn’t think of one? Well it’s your lucky day(assuming you can put up with my lackluster artwork)! For the low low price of asking me to make you one, you too can have a profile pic like this!

(Signature not included.)

All you need to do is:
1: Request what you want, whether it be a symbol based off your self-moc or current picture, something else I can’t think of off the top of my head, you name it*, I’ll attempt to draw it!
1a: For Mocs, if you just want the mask/head, want the colors in the background, want the weapons in it, want another form also represented, etc, just tell me and I’ll try to fit in.

2: Wait!

3: Recieve and decide whether to use it or not!

*Within reason, of course

It’s that simple! Ask away as I drown in requests!
Note: I will do requests in order of when they were asked for.

Waiting list:


if you’re taking requests
here is one I would want done if you oblige

Alright, will do.
Do you want it colored or no?

I think so too

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I’d like one based off of a lerahk in some sort of triumphant pose.

I would enjoy it coloured
you can go for any scheme you want (since the manga where he is from, has no canonical colour scheme)

@Zero @Whaddon alright, sounds good.

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also, here be a better image of a full body shot of my avatar (if you want to go full body, it is up to you)

I’ll take up on one of my profile picture, if you would please. Thanks!

runa there is no way to escape now, you are obligated to draw my profile pic and if u dont ur gettin beanboozled

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Runa, could you draw up Blaze’s Station of Awakening?

Basic colors are fire’s red and orange. Replace Sora with Blaze (Keyblade and all). Crowns replaced with the Keyblade Master symbol, The MoUP symbol in the center of the 7 circles, the other six are the elemental symbols like this in a clockwise fashion from the top: Ice, Stone, Earth, Fire, Jungle and Water. The part that has the islands, it would be a Stargate from the SG-1 Series. Sorry if it’s a bit much. It’s okay if you say no.

I know you understand.
draw pls

I will do it, but artists liberties will be taken, I hope you know.


Would you mind taking a go at an update on my current picture perchance?



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Runa, Can I has maybe a Kopaka Mask, but with shades over the non telescope eye? (Obviously only half a pair)


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yee :grin:

Would you mind having a go at mine?

Granted, the image used for mine is a bit small… but I have doodled the character out too, and posted otherwise

If by any chance you could give it a purple background, that’d be super. :smile:

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#That makes nine. Requests are temporarily closed until I can catch up on these ones.#