Runa, Bringer of Death (V1.5)

An updated version of Necronis’ general and my Self-MOC, This new version of Runa has many updates from his previous version, yet not enough for my to consider it a “V2”

Things Changed/Added/Fixed From Previous Version
-Drastically fixed his chest piece
-Painted leg armor, claw gauntlet, and mask with green highlights.
-Switched spike pieces on right arm with wolf head (Fun Fact! This is in reference to his true original version, one not posted on the boards.)

Things That Need Fixing/Changing/Updating
-Make his wings grander and more full.

C&C appreciated.


Its nice, but i think it looks weird below the waist, and the wings dont look like wings. More like tails.


The little parts on the lower back aren’t really that good to see, they just looks weird. The paints and semi custom parts are really cool though.

ah crap.

does this mean i need to re-do the avatar?

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Only if you want to.