Runa's Random Art Topic!

This is where I'll post all the art things that I don't think are big/important/good enough to get their own topic, starting with...

The Scrap Dragon, snowboard edition!

Armor set and such things on a stand I made.

And the one most likely to get its own topic, a 3D printed Nuva Cube.

More will be posted here eventually.


Scrap dragon is king!

Neat, that 3D printed Nuva cube is the definite highlight.

Oh yeah, this is a thing.

Better post more stuff.
Photography counts as art, right?

Light interacting with smoke makes for great photos.

(It was too big to scan)
A tree thing we had to do for art. We didn’t have to do a theme, but I did. The theme is chaos, can you tell?
(There are actually three beings of chaos in this art piece, two from popular media, and one from an RP I’m hosting, can you find them? Hint:one wears a hat.)


Dang I love the second and the third pictures, really nice

A cool picture I took in the same vein as the smoke and sunlight pictures.

Original photo before I messed with light/contrast


Runa’s mask, made from plaster for an art project.