Running Low - A Personal Narritive Poem

Before I get into this poem, let me give you some context. I wrote this poem for my Literature and Composition class when I had to choose between a personal experience poem, a current event poem, or a love/rant poem. I chose the personal experience poem

Also, this poem talks about a condition that I had for a few months called anemia. Here’s the Wikpedia article on it:

Anyways, on to the poem:

Running Low

It kind of came out of the blue
Like a stab in the heart
It stayed hidden until it decided
It was time to reveal itself

It was my freshman year
When I ran track
And my times dropped
like I was running flat

I thought that I wasn’t used
To the amount of effort
That I was putting in
And this had an effect
On the times that I was recording

When end of season rolled around
We decided to see
What had really gone wrong
I had anemia
And the amount of iron
I had in my system
Was almost completely depleted

I couldn’t run in the offseason,
Because they felt I wasn’t ready
And would run myself empty
Before I ever got back to full

I spent
Those next grueling months rebuilding
to where I was before

It felt like an eternity
Like I was chained
I couldn’t go anywhere
That I wanted to go

When the iron finally
Reached the proper level
I was back in business
And could go back to what I loved doing
Without having to worry about ever
going below again

Thanks for reading my poem. I am open to any comments or critiques you have about it


This gave me the feels ; (