Rust Ghoul

## Rust Ghoul

Be wary of the beasts that haunt the junkyards.

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Yeah I figured I might as well start posting here on TTV. Pretty much everyone else I know does too.


I still think that Garbage Ghoul was a better name…
That being said I really liked how this turned out. I wish there was a little more head behind the eyes but I think that’s a minor gripe.

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I agree with @Primus, the back of the head could use a bit more “flesh”. Aside from that it turned out great. I still do think that the legs might be a bit stocky, but that’s just personal preference :v

Darn these kids and their new forum formatting

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aaaaaaa rahi i love any kind of rahi!

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Nice color scheme and I love that demonic look
Great moc :thumbsup:

I like creature mocs, especially ones that look like insects.

Mata nui bless. I have already praised this guy on Instagram but I feel like it wasn’t enough this is phenomenal great job ma dude

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woah dude saw this on flickr the other day, that head is awesome. Is the torso like floppy or anything, if not how’d you make it?

Probably using tubes and forcing the bohrok shields together to make a bend. The axle on each bohrok shield would make sure they don’t fit flush.

I got to admit, it’s quite clever, and looks very nice.


The whole moc is absolutely stunning, but I gotta admit the most impressive part is that you actually managed to use an Inika build chestpiece to good effect :^)

Love the style.

This overall is simply astounding. The head design is what really draws me in, looking so otherworldly and demented with those lifeless eyes.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments.

Might’ve been better, although maybe not as intimidating :wink: I tried to find a way to fill in the back of the head and into the back more, but I didn’t want to push my luck with too much weight on the front (otherwise risking the spine being held together).

Yeah I feel you. I would’ve liked to have made the arms at least resemble them more, but apparently I didn’t have the parts to make them match better. Thanks bro.

The torso is actually surprisingly solid, both ends are secured and packed tight, and the little hole on the bottom of the shield helps keep it aligned. The main thing is I didn’t put too much weight on the top half, so that really helps. The brown soft-axle piece also has a good amount of friction to it.

Yup! Soft axles do wonders. Glad you like it.

Thank you! And yeah lol, I figured this would have given me a great opportunity to use that piece. This MOC was pretty good at using some parts I don’t really use (the shields, brown tubes, and the inika torso).


Freaky, and beautiful! Very well built and creative!

Looks quite good!

Question: What are the green pieces used for the shoulders?

Possibly old dragon heads?

I’ve noticed a piece in the arms that looks like it connects the claws to the arms. I’ve seen it once before, but what is it?

Sorry for the pixelation.

that piece is from the spinning tile pieces:

well I think it is at least


WHAT?! I… I can’t believe it!