Rust MOC

Rusty is a nickname for this rogue Toa. His team was killed in action, and he now works alone taking high risk missions. No one knows his actual name anymore. I need to
Mention that THIS IS A FRIEND’S MOC, as he does not have an account. He is a Toa of metal with metal controls and manipulation. He does wear the mask of stealth, and has a riffle, dual pistols and swords.
I will relay any comments or suggestions to my friend.
(Pardon lighting, I will retake pictures so they are the quality that my pictures are normally)


It’s nothing amazing, but I like it. Cool how all of the weapons can be stored when not in use.

Pretty standard stuff, but overall it looks good!

I would recommend getting some more light when taking pictures though. Some of the pictures are kinda dark and it’s hard to make out everything that is going on.

As I said I will get better pictures, we are not in the best place for taking pictures
@jayzor17look at picture 4 or 5 the shadows make it hard to see but his weapons are all their again I will get better pictures.

Your friend is really good at making weapons. I also like how it does something more than just a plain Inika build.

He really is, he has tons of
Mocs and has been doing it for a long time. I am working on having him get an account to show it all off since they are really cool.

It’s a fairly simple inika build, nothing too special.
The colours are very bland and are my biggest gripe with the moc.

Seeing as he is a Toa of metal so my friend used metallic colors also the lighting does nothing to help.