Rusty blade

A bionicle sword I spray painted with liquid aluminum (thought it was chrome) came out really cool looking luckily.


This would be fantastic on a mad max styled moc.


@Kardax Ooh yeah it would! Might make one when I get some more parts. I just got really lucky in the way it dried and reacted to the blade (some plastics are different from older to newer mocs and act a bit different when painted or burned)

@Kardax Ja might take a bit unfortunately, most of my peices are in use and I don’t have the exact peices for making something for it, not really enough browns/dusty coloured peices.

@Stoax Thanks, might try again sometime but it’s difficult to get paint to act like this, this was mainly all luck.


I’ll be interested to see what you do with it, you really did get lucky with this, I’m holding back on painting/customizing pieces just due to plastic issues.

An interesting idea. It’s be cool to see more BIONICLE weapons done in this style.