Rusty the Big Daddy

Yet this is one of my oldest mocs. I'm fan of Bioshock series and of course I wanted build my own big daddy. He stands about 22 cm tall and uses only Bionicle and Technic parts.Drill has a spinning action and his mobility is good. Tell me what you think about this rusty wet worker.


Idk why, but I really like this, I'd say it looks a bit cluttered, but it goes with the steampunk look.


Thanks :smiley:

looks pretty cool

good work

Definitely has that steampunk look which works well for what it's based off.


Good MOC, but may I suggest changing the title to avoid being flagged?


He needs eyes, but I like it.

I really love the look of the bohrok head piece here

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The MOC pulls off the steampunk look really well, but the only complaint I have is that the back of the lower legs look empty.

Thanks I will fix that.


The torso is just

While I do find something off about Dem legs, they could use some work.
The arms are okay .
I like the color scheme a lot.
I get a strong steampunk vibe from this guy.

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That Bohrok head as the canopy gives it a really cool look

The best Big Daddy MOC I've seen to date.

The Big D in the name reminds me of Heavy D! from KOF

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awesome looking moc! love the "rusted" metal color scheme!
looks like an alpha series mixed with a big daddy.

Looks really nice and goes with the steampunk theme, but it is a bit cluttered. Also, you should probably change the topic's title to avoid getting flagged :grin:

Love the MOC, but the title really doesn't sound like you want it to. :confounded:

It's extremely cluttered, but it does somewhat resemble a big daddy.

Awesome :smile:

done and done