Rutter, Keeper of the Jungle

Name: Rutter
Kanohi: Kanohi Mahiki, mask of illusion
Weapons: A kukri-like (I probably misspelled that) sword.
Personality: Rutter can be serious when needed, but often jokes around.
He follows orders well, as he was made to follow the command of Talupus.
Bio: Rutter was the second and final Toa made by Artahka. He was recruited by the OoMN and now does missions for them.

Rutter’s design is very simple. The most complex part is the torso. I think he still looks good though, at least for V1.

Rutter’s design, name, and element were given to me by a cousin, and the personality is based on his.

The torso is a design by Wombat Combat Pictures, but very modified. I used his basic torso idea of using metru arms and a double socket connector as the base of the torso.

Here he is with Talupus.

Like I said, a simple build, but it doesn’t look too bad.

-Wolf Pack


Looks pretty good. The hands are too long tho

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This mod bleeds 2006. In a good way.

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The shoulders don’t quite fit

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I made the arms longer to add some extra personality. Also, thanks!
I’m not really sure what you mean by that, but thanks!
I plan to use the hand connecters with rakshi heads as shoulder pads in the future.

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It reminds me of the mocs made during that era.

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Oh, ok.