RWBY Crescent rose (Scythe) MOC MK.2

A few weeks ago I uploaded my first 'finished' build of ruby's scythe The crescent rose from the show RWBY. Now I have returned with the next Iteration. The MK.2.

Roll the pictures!

The Scythe head

Forward view

Hand size comparison

Closer look at the blade'n'such

Full MOC



Gun mode

With my WIP ruby MOC (Very WIP)

Gun mode with very WIP ruby MOC (Quite WIP)

Articulation (For when Ruby is going Sanic speed

Cool Scythe Pose

So All I need now is a shooting feature. Back to the drawing board!

Feel free to criticize and stuff, It's very appreciated.


Looks schnazzy.

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I don't no anything about the show, but as far as sickle machine gun hybrids go, it's pretty cool.

For a weapon design it looks awkfully thick. I would expect most weapons to be only 1 brick in width, so unless the source weapon is extremely thick, I would suggest trying to go back to the design. You could probably use half-width beams if you need to keep the red and black coloration going.

Looks cool and unreasonably complexe, and that's a bonus as far as i'm concerned.

But ...

The blue pins tho

You need to build a to scale MOC to go with it. Really nice, I likey :smile: