RWBY game?

I was told by a few people that a RWBY game might be in the workings. Although I really doubt this is ever going to happen, it would be really really kool if it did! Think about the Attack On Titan Tribute Game, I mean, it’s pretty good.
So anyways tell me your thoughts on this; is it possible? What would it be like? Any game designers out there who want to take this up? <Rights and stuffs) Lemme know! Down Below!

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There’s no “maybe”; I was there when Monty announced it and I played it on the show floor. It was originally a fan game, but per RoosterTeeth tradition, they just hired him.

Personally, my dream job would be to work with the RT Game Production team. But that’s mostly a pipe dream at this point. Ah, well…


Was it any good?

It was obviously a proof of concept; there was one stage and one type of enemy. But it was very fun! Think Bayonetta, but with RWBY characters. Outside of a straight up fighting game, it’s what best fits within the franchise.

Oh I’m glad it’s a real thing! I hope it will be a good representation of the show, I know there’s a lot of potential for combat and enemies. And that pipe dream sounds like a pretty good one man, like up there with the Omega Tahu one lol.

Omega Tahu needs to be a playable character imo

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Dude, the next Smash Bros.

Yes please
I hope Nintendo delivers.

Okay I’ve got an idea now, I might make a TTV Smash Bros comic or something like that.

please do

I’ll post about it when I can, so look out for that.