RWBY-Inspired MoC

I was tinkering earlier, and built something that looked somewhat like Crescent Rose. And that got me thinking. Could I build something on my Self-MoC torso that was Ruby-ish? How hard could it be? The answer to that being very, very hard and frustrating.

The shoulders were so difficult. Eventually, I just said forget it. I still think it looks good, though.

(The last image was edited). Anyway, Enjoy!



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Interesting shaping with the Rahkshi heads. It's... kinda lumpy. I fully understand the desire to use creative and interesting angles in the construction of a MOC, but I would recommend changing that up a bit. I do think the shoulders look fine, though.

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I personally think that some of the black in the lower legs should be more evenly distributed, but great MOC!

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