Rwby knife weapon

Nothing special here. Just thought I’d post my transforming prop knife before I left.

I built in a trigger to “launch” the blade too in this form

Pistol form
And a guy with a blade on his back who also transforms into a blade wielding a transforming blade; bladeception

I know it’s basic but generally this is probably just a one time moc that won’t survive long.


Any chance of adding a video to this showing the functionality of the weapon in action?

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RWBY you say? NICE! I do like this design, but it would fit with the show’s aesthetic more if it had a bit more panelling and bulk. Still, the functions are excellent!

Unfortunately the site isn’t accepting my iPad video (which video isn’t my specialty anyway.) so here’s just a slow mo pic

Yeah. Like I said its just a basic pocket prop. I would add paneling but I don’t have the plates I need to still make the handle a good size.


This is really nice. The design is nice, especially the function, which does remind me of RWBY Weapons. I do feel a sleeker and panelled look would look more effective, if possible.

Nice! I don’t watch RWBY, sadly, but I am considering to get started after seeing this MOC. :smile:

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Don’t watch RWBY, but I like this.

I like the build, but from the pictures it seems like its not a very fluid transformation, keep up the work man, I like it


Quite interesting

To be honest I don’t remember this being in RWBY.

It’s more just the gun / weapon style. Its not designed off any weapon.

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Oh, so it’s a style. That makes sense.

This is pretty neat, BTW.

It’s a weapon with a transforming function, cool

Nice try a dust dagger.