[RWBY] Nora Valkyrie Fan Club

@ToaN made one for Pyrrha, so I made one for Nora.
Let us all praise the one true Queen of the Castle, Nora Valkyrie.


Should we create a category for RWBY? There’s been a lot of threads about that show recently.

Thats a great idea!

Thank your for the complement! :slight_smile:

Nora’s a pretty crazy girl. Ehs kills giant scorpions and doesn’t afraid of anything.



Nora’s one of my favorite characters in the entire show. It just seems like she has so much fun living life and is blissfully unaware of many things. Watching her interact with people and fight is very enjoyable.

Not to mention her weapon is incredibly efficient. When she shot a few grenades at the Nevermore in episode 8 (with extreme accuracy, I might add) it noticeably affected it when all of RWBY’s projectiles did nothing at all. Yang had to punch it like five times to achieve a similar result. Not to mention she wrecks at short-range as well.




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Nora is a great character. One of my favorites, behind Ruby and Pyrrha. She is just a lot of fun to watch!

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Nora had the best lines ever in volumes 1 & 2 (“pancakes”, “women”, " Nora!"), and I’m sad that volume 3 did not capture that aspect.

She still had her rant in the first episode of volume 3 which was great

Nora is my spirit animal.

Rwby chibi reinforces this