RWBY OC 3: Natile Geddon

The third member of my RWBY team Natile Geddon


this moc looks realy slick and fast :smiley: but to animal legs are so out of place in my opinion

8/10 :smiley:

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Feet could use some work. Also the head looks a little weird to me. but other then those two things i really like the look of this moc.

but hey that's just an opinion, my opinion. :smile_cat:

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Looks cool, but I dont get the triple jointed legs...

it was the only way I could think of to make her slightly shorter than Iceis Freeze

How about just not using that piece and connecting the upper and lower legs directly.

did that when I built her
A: looked ugly
B: way too short
C: not the look I wanted