RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

One of the five dots move around ever so slightly.

“Yup,” Terin said, “you’re right. Who do you think the other 2 are?” He asked.

One of the other dots (presumably) moves closer. “Hello again,” Laurel says.

Discord nudges her “No need to talk.”

Mokuzai scours the forest by himself Well this is unfortunate

Oh, right, sorry. Laurel rolls her eyes.

Discord sighs and squints at her. She should know what I meant. Ms. Big Brain and all

Terin gives a friendly wave hello.

Kuro looked at them, “Well I guess that answers your question.” She said.

Kaitlyn looked at them for a second before looking back down.

“Glad to see they made it through alright.” He said.

Discord pauses and sighs. She gives a quick look at Lauren. I’m gonna dread being on the same team as them. What could our team name be?

Kuro looks at Terin, “I had no doubt they would.”

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Terin nods in agreement.

Kuro looks back at the screen.

Terin thinks, Huh, I wonder how much longer it will be before everyone has completed the test? (@King_Ved)


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