RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

So you are students who just starting at Beacon Academy. Just like in the show people will pair up into teams during the test in the forest. From there you shall train and learn at the academy, but also get attacked by, Roman Torchwick, White Fang, Grimm, and an unknown force (which is definitely not Salem or Cinder).

This universe is not connected to the shows universe, so no team RWBY or JNPR, but we will have the teachers and villains I previously mentioned.

Sign ups here: RWBY: Risen from Ashes (RP Sign Ups)


  1. You may have a max of 4 characters.
  2. Don’t be super OP, like being a maiden or other powerful beings in the RWBY universe.
  3. No auto dodging or auto hitting.
  4. Don’t kill other characters without the players permission.
  5. Keep everything PG!!! Especially gore and romance.
  6. Please stick to the laws and physics of RWBY and it’s world.
  7. Please, don’t have any connection with character from inside the show, being this is not connected to the show at all.
  8. No demonizing other kingdoms in RWBY, please focus on the real forces of evil.


RP Time:

It was as sunny day in Vale as everyone arrived at Beacon Academy.

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A tall, skinny, wiry boy with wild, long red hair wearing jeans, combat boots, a blue zip-up jacket with the collar up, a red t-■■■■■ beneath and had black fingerless gloves was peeling off a plastic-like bunch of sheets from spots on his face, eyes and forehead.

He spent the flight to Beacon Academy blind in his seat. In fact, he has been effectively blind since literally midnight after he got his family’s distinctive and signature marks.

Finally, he thought as he began to open his eyes, I’m here at Beacon; I hope dad and the others are going to do well at home.

His eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the light as he peeled off the other sheets from his face.

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Mokuzai steps off his plane feeling the clunkiness of his puppet encasing him. He creases his hands and quickly checks of his puppet is locked together right. I don’t wanna have another mistake to happen.

Discord gives him a slight playful shove “Mokuzai. Move on. You’re stopping traffic over here.”

He sighs “Yikes man. You don’t need to br so upright.” The boy quietly walks on his own.

“Is yikes your only reaction to things?”

“You don’t need to be exposing my flaws already. It’s only the third post in.”


OOC: @LTVmocs, ix-nay on the ourth-fay all-way. It’s fun on occasion, but it tends to be a defining trait of your characters; I advise trying to tone it down so it’s still funny and not obnoxious. I apologize if this was rude, I wanted to get my point across and have no desire to cause offense.

Also, thanks for the warning, I hope you and your family have a safe flight and that you all had an absolutely wonderful trip.

IC: the kid was a little surprised at how bright it was today and got up. He walked a bit until he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window and carefully moved closer to examine it, the facial markings he recently got in particular as this is the first time he is seeing them on him in his life.


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IC Mokuzai does a couple stretches to ease out his wooden casing.

Discord lingers by herself looking around at the outer rims of the school


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IC: The kid stopped gawking at the marks when he realized everyone was almost off the craft and he ran to gather his things and join them on the landing pier.

He marveled at the beauty of the Academy grounds as he had only seen pictures of it at this perspective and dreamed of coming here.

Don’t worry, guys, he thought, I’ll make you proud.

He began heading towards the main campus of Beacon. His odd marks would attract attention as they seemed to be foreign in design as they were Vacuan(?), especially when compared with his clothes and accent which were Vale all the way.

He kept walking on, his eyes giving impressed glances at the different weapons kids had and their widely varied storage/travel modes.

He also was thinking about his reflection and his markings. I barely recognized myself in that window. he thought as his right hand traced the outline of the mark under his right eye. It’ll take some getting used to, but I think my classes should keep me from dwelling exceedingly on it. he was a bit lost in thought, seeming kinda distracted.

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They’re was a girl sitting on the edge of the fountain, tuning her weapon.

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The boy shrugged, may as well make at least one new friend on his first day. He began to walk toward her.

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She was so busy tuning her weapon she didn’t see him walking towards her.

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He sat down nearby and looked at the weapon curiously from there.

It seemed like you’re average shotgun, except with its handle attached to the back of the gun. Which she was starting to grip more tightly.

“No need to be afraid, ma’am,” he told her calmly, “I’m just curious about your interesting looking weapon there; I don’t think I’ve really seen or heard of one like it.”

Out of reflex, his right hand, concealed by his body, slowly moved to the grip of one of his weapons in response.

“I see.” She still didn’t relax her grip. She looks at him, showing her big scar on her face.

“Ow, that must’ve hurt.” He said, wincing. His position hadn’t changed either.

“I thought you were interested in my weapon not my face?” She asked a bit of irration in her voice.

“I didn’t expect the scar but I am still curious about your weapon.” He said, his hand beginning to grip his own weapon in response to her irritated tone as that indicated potential aggression.

“What are you makes this peek your curiousity?” She said glaring at him

Sunny arrives at Beacon, wearing a cape and leaning on his ornate spear with the sun motif. He had just one… no, two goals in mind, and should he achieve those goals, the world as we know it would change. The first goal was to find his dad, who had gone missing quite a while ago. Many people told him that he was dead but Sunny knew he was still alive, because his dad was the best hunter ever and could never be killed by mere Grimm. In fact he was probably out there right now fighting off Grimm and defending the world, just like he used to tell Sunny every night.

The second one, while not as personally important to him, was arguably far more significant. After all he knew that his totally amazing dad wouldn’t be killed ever, so he could delay finding him for a bit, but the other thing needed to be dealt with immediately. It pained him whenever he saw somebody using more than one piece of silverware, and unfortunately that seemed to be the case everywhere. People seemed to use 3 separate pieces of silverware for every meal. Occasionally he’d find a somewhat civilized being using a spork and thus reducing the number of eating utensils by one, but Sunny knew that was still not the most efficient way to eat. The true answer was the Spoifrk. The perfect combination of a spoon, a fork, and a knife, and the ultimate eating tool. He had to share this miracle with the world, and coming the Beacon was part of that mission…


Mikado showed up, the orange kamina glasses obscuring his eyes. His hands were in his trenchcoat pockets and an arrogant smile on his face as he walked towards Beacon, where he would show the world that he was the best. He ended up passing by a blonde kid who was idly staring into space. Strange guy.


“What do you mean?” He asks, confused.

“I mean my weapon, why are you so curious about it?”