RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

“I’ve never seen one like it before.” He replied. “As such, it has piqued my curiosity.” He clarified.

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IC: Jupiter steps off the airship, taking a deep breath of the pleasant Beacon air. Behind him walks Laurel, eyes squinted against the rush of new information.

“Well,” Jupiter says, “here we are.”

“Finally,” Laurel mutters. “That airship was getting boring.” She rubs her eyes, then strides off to get a closer look at the Academy. Jupiter shakes his head. At this rate she’s gonna be bored within the week. Brushing these concerns from his mind, he goes to introduce himself to the nearest person: Sunny.

“Hello!” he says with a cheery wave, coming to a stop right behind the strange blonde.


“I see,” the speakers started to blare out, with Ms. Goodwitch taking, “Greetings to the new students (@jayzor17 @Omega_Tahu @LTVmocs @BlackBeltGamer98 ) of Beacon Academy. I ask that meet up in the arena.”

“Well that seems to be my queue to leave.” She got and grabbed an old bag which seemed to like it was made out of rags.

The boy released his grip on his weapon and relaxed. “Same here, good fortune to you.” He said as he got up and began heading for the arena.

She said nothing back and walked away

The kid kept walking towards the arena.

They’re were multiple lines of people walking in

He looked for the shortest line and joined it.

(@LTVmocs) On the way there, he noticed a wooden humanoid and wondered, Best bet is that it’s either armor or some sort of automaton.

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Mokuzai sways his head to look at Terin and gives a small wave.

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He returns the wave with a friendly smile, his markings visible from the distance the two stood from each other.

Mokuzai gives a smile but realizes that he’s in a wooden suit. He puts his hand down and goes on his way.

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OOC: Eureka, I got it! I’ve got his Emblem!

IC: He noticed the movement was fluid and natural. Armor; wood’s an interesting choice, to say the least. he thought as he waved goodbye.

He moves into the back of the line he picked and moved along with it.

OOC: What’s Discord’s Semblance range and is Terin in that range? I’m just asking out of curiosity.

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There were two guys in another line picking on a Faunus and cutting in line.

OOC Its range is based on the amount of people near her
More people = Smaller Circle
Less people = Bigger Circle

I should’ve put the range in her sign up sheet.

Judging by the likely amount of people at Beacon, probably not.

Mokuzai glances but shrugs We’re literally at a school where we can bring weapons on campus. You might as well fight back.


He groaned and left to help the kid. “Okay, break it up; what’s the big idea?!” He said to the ones who picked on the Faunus and cut in line, putting himself between them and the Faunus.

“Are you hurt?” He asked the Faunus, genuine concern in his voice.

OOC: Thanks, @LTVmocs. I’m a little perplexed at how the range of her telepathy is inverse to the amount of people around her, but I’ll leave you to explain that as you see fit.

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OOC It makes it so she can only read a certain amount of people in her “feed”
It’s not like she can control what she sees anyway.


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(@King_Ved). The kid waited for a response but decided to guess, “What logic gives you the right to hurt someone just because they’re different, huh?” He asks them, giving them a “dad look” of disapproval and disappointment.

“What has this guy, and only this person, done to deserve such treatment?” He asks, hoping to not hear a racist response.

Faunus: “N-no, Thanks for asking.”

Guy1: “We’re just trying to get our spots in line. So how about you both mov…” There was a click sound from the back of his head. It was the tip of a shotgun, set against the back of his head.

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The kid drew a sai and looked at the second guy, “Unless you and your friend here want to get concussions, I suggest you go to the back of the line and leave this guy alone.” He told him, giving him a glare and twirling the sai in his hand as a warning to both bullies.

His other hand was near his second weapon as a precaution if both bullies decided to attack and the shotgun failed.

He motioned for the Faunus to take the spot in line that was stolen by the bullies as it was his spot.

“Oh, I believe you both owe an apology, a real one, to this person for picking on him.” He said.

OOC: what trait does the Faunus have?

Guy2 shook his head and ran off to the back along the other, revealing it was the girl from early. The Faunus took their spot back.

OOC: Black bear ears

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