Rwby scythe MOC

Here, after 4 iterations, 2 full days (Because I have nothing better to do), Is my Rwby scythe. On Thursday I decided to watch the entireity of Rwby (to it's latest episode) and ... well..., Ruby's scythe is pretty freaking cool. So I decided to build it in a (roughly) bionicle scale.

The scythe from the show

My scythe.

Hand size comparison.

Cool scythe 'pose'

Close up on scythe head.

With my current bionicle MOC.

Unfortunately, my scythe does not fold up. (That is a project for when I have more Technic and work in a different scale)

Feel free to criticize and such.

I will start work on a Ruby Character inspired MOC to accompany the scythe.

EDIT: A very minor edit on the scythe. Barely noticeable, but the blade now follows with the frame, making it more like the blade of a scythe.


"I love it" isn't enough to describe my feelings for this thing.


I love this

Shame that you couldn't make it fold up into a gun. A cosplayer actually made a Crescent Rose that transforms from scythe to gun.

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WHat? I need to see this!

(I'm hoping to build a full sized one out of wood or something and mount it on my bedroom wall)

Please make a dedicated MOC to hold this! That'd be so cool!

I like it! Just give me a moment, and let me summon @KyoryuYellow1138 and @Marendex_T17 to observe.

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Hah, hah, like they'll ever be here to see it.


not sorry

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woah. this RWBY moc looks god-tier amazing.

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Nice, it captures the overall fell very well. It is a shame it cannot fold up, though. :frowning: It does look really heavy, though. I bet that would be hard to pose, but what can you do?

Good work! Keep it up!

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Heh, as funny as your originality.


I see no point in this

I'll admit, I haven't been online in a while, but I must say that this is amazing and I plan to build something similar for my self-MOC.

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