Ryuki samurai of lightning

here weapons

Size comparison

So this is the daughter to my other character Yuki tenshi she is actually really cool so she’s 50% human 25% skartorgian and 25% hordika which isnt exactly the normal type of hordika its more of organic beings that my friend sorta made from the regular hordika but the skartorgian is my own thing its a race of human dragon hybrids with horns for eyebrows and tails and claws and can breath fire their pretty cool they got interesting abilities but yeah hope you like her BTW the samurai part is cuz of the swords

Side note: once again the photos are sideways I’ve come to the conclusion that my phone just isn’t working right so please forgive me

Oh I should mention that the torso is thanks to a friend of mine on face book I couldn’t have made the torso with lut his help unfortunately I can’t tag him but his names kevin so yeah but the legs were a combination of two Mocs legs gahakida and teslove (probably burchered that name) who were made by @Darkraimaster99 his leg designs are dope and I wanted do a similar style for yuki before thats where this build came from I’m really proud only a few things changed from the original which was the big for arm guantlets,the big shoulder piece, no more big hair, the crouch piece was removed and the back section as well as adding two small shoulder plates, new color scheme and added a long coat type look since she’s supposed to have some human in her she has tan as her skin color same as my other Mocs who are also humanish


The torso is a fair bit too long and the friction joints don’t do much for the looks, but this is a cool MOC. I especially like the custom painted swords. But I should add that don’t since much samurai vibes. It would be better to just dub the character a swordsman imo.

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The torso seems to be too thin, but It’s fine. I don’t see, however, the dragon part.

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I only changed the origins of skartorgians yesterday

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Taller =/= Better

By making them so tall you are forcing yourself to use a different scale to what the pieces were actually designed for, so if not used correctly the mocs tend to look lanky and weird
case and point, this moc

If you made it shorter it look a whole lot better, you have a nice thing going for it with the custom pieces and that colorscheme

also just look at where the white moc’s arms bend, it’s just awkard

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OK? Then you should change the mocs a little too.

@Jose I was trying to give human like proportions since she’s mostly human plus she has a wide range of articulation

two points at the knee
two at the elbow
and one on the torso the friction joints are there to maintain a good level of friction and keep it all locked together so its not flopping around every direction

(And of course its side ways…)

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