S-48 Recon Droid (MOC)

Hey everyone! I proudly present my latest LEGO Star Wars MOCs, the S-48 Recon Droids. (I would love to give some backstory on these guys, but because it relates to my stop-motion series, I'm afraid that it would fall under Promotions and Advertising. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, enjoy:

These guys are incredibly poseable, and I can get a lot of different expressions and poses out of them. They have about 17 points of articulation, which I think is quite impressive for this scale. :smile:

Comments and critiques are, as always, appreciated. Thanks for viewing! :smile:

-NC (formerly Clone 01354 Productions)


Now the question is whether or not they can roll up into a ball like the Droidekas.


I've never seen a minfig's legs taken off and used for a MoC before.


Brilliant photography!!

these are the types of Mocs i look at, and wish i was this good. but then i look at the way the shoulders are connected, and then say i'll never ever do that.

anyways these are really good, can't find anything wrong, no matter how hard i look.


interesting design! Cute lil drones too!

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I love the use of the minifig legs!

Oh yeah, the MOCs looks pretty cool too.

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Super cool little droids. Love these. Especially how posable they are. I would have never thought that was possible at that size.

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Neat little MOCs, I like the variety of colors they come in.

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these remind me of the droids in that one clone wars episode where they bombed coruscant


Ok, the faces are super sweet. I love this so much, I'd buy this if it was a set.


That's exactly what I was thinking

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Those legs are really cool!

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These are great! Also, thank you for showing that you CAN connect things to the holes in legs! Actually, is it a solid connection? just wondering.

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Wow these are amazing. You really got skills to pay bills bruh like I said these are amazing.

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm glad you like these MOCs. :slight_smile:

Actually, those droids are exactly what inspired me. XD

Yep, it's a very solid connection. It holds poses very well, but it's able to move around pretty easily. :smiley:


I liked them until they killed the clone. :wink:

I like it


Awesome! I love the parts usage and photography. The orange and white one is probably my favourite. They sorta remind me of the Demolition Droids from Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Thank you @legomaster1378! :smile: And yeah, as I said before, I took a lot of inspiration from the Demolition Droids--in fact, I came up with the idea for these MOCs while watching that episode. :stuck_out_tongue:

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