S Series Freight Carrier


A small table-scrap build made from some (almost) useless specialized parts from one of that Star Wars Speeder Bike set.

Also, I’m going to BrickFair Virginia. There’s a few MOCs that’ll be there that I just haven’t got round to taking proper photos of because A: I’m gearing up for BFVA and B: I literally don’t have space in my lightbox. My family’s moving into a bigger house soon so I can set up a good photography area for larger MOCs after BFVA.

Also what is up with the censoring system here? It was literally detecting the word ‘Clss’, as in 'Clssroom’ as having the word as in it (which ok, it technically does) but someone needs to put in an IF case into the plugin code (I’m assuming this site uses a plugin for this). Anyway replace Series with Clss and that’s the original title.


Nice use of the speeder bike rider head and the shaping in the back looks cool

I love the way the pieces are used here. Really cool.


Ah, yes, the Sc*nthorpe dilemma. Tut tut website developers :triumph:

Cool MOC though. Quite blobby looking and I’m not a fan of how you attached the fins, but a cool use of the parts at least.