Sagittarus, Being of Protodermis V2

So here is the new and improved Sagittarus. Now with actual protodermis armor and energy blasters on his shortend arms.

I hope I fixed most of the flaws with this version.

C&C is welcome.


Looks better now, good job!

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@Altair I agree and thank you

This guy was much better than the last. i really like him. the transdarkgreen inclusion is interesting, but works well.


@moamahrimatoro thank you good sir. Glad you like it.

wow! nice job :stuck_out_tongue:
also those legs are built really well !

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Excellent build! I love the knee joint, I might have to steal that! :stuck_out_tongue:

My only complaints are the exposed axles on his legs, make those one length smaller if you can, and also the arms. I like the armoring on the upper arm, but the Bohrok eyes I think should be flipped around, and also the crystal piece and the CCBS shell.

I would complain about the gap in the elbow joint, but as a guy with a Self-MOC with the same, extremely hard to remedy problem, I will let it slide! :smile:

@Atomik Thanks @PakariNation99 go ahead and give credit if you feel like it. When it comes to the axels on the legs that is impossible since those are two length axels and i will not cut them. I have tried to shorten the arms as much as possible but i can not get them any shorter. If i turn the bohrock eyes on the arms i would need to put armor i the gap between it and the inika shoulder armor and the arm will not be able to bend if i turn the eye.The same goes for the cubs shell and crystal pice. Ya the elbow gap annoys me too but i can't find a way to fix it.

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Oh my goodness this is way better
The torso looks pretty much the same, but that's fine because its a good torso design.
Everything on this remake is better, especially the Bulk mask being used instead of the Stringer mask.

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:thumbsup: nice.

Can't think of anything wrong with it, I mean I would have given it lateral bicep movement, but I can't fault the build for that.


He is great, but I think he need larger feet

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@Toa_Distraxx Thank you and nothing in the build except the lower arms are different from the first version. @Payinku Ya he is buff as frick. @LoSilopante I am actualy working on it but I have not come up with any good designes.

I actually quite like this.

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it's quite nice

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@JMP @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Thank you

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I feel as if the back is slightly clunky, but besides that it is a very good MOC.

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This looks great compared to the last version. I really like how well you distributed the trans green.

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@Oniwah thank you good sir. @The_Griefer Yes it is but that is because I was inspired by Fallouts power armor when i built him.

Ah, like I said, still a great MOC.

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