Saiken Omochann Gurren Lagann: The Manliest MoC Ever

[Should totes listen to this while viewing this][1]
So OculusNuva and I both recently watched Gurren Lagann


And I spent the last two days making this: The union of Miru Nuva and Pakari to create the manliest MoC.

Which is based off this:

@Nyran shot:

Side shot:


It’s gonna pierce the heavens with its drill, because this is the MoC that believes in the you that believes in him.


Such man.


This is so awesome. because I’m in it /s

Me and Rise work so well as Simon and Kamina, and together we make the manliest MOC ever:
#Gurrenbell and Lagannuva.


… He has a head chest… That’s a Gurren Lagann thing right?


It’d be cool if it could transform into a different mode where it wears the Miru and has a Pakari chest. The mode could also include flip out jet thrusters similar to the ones your selfMOC had at one point. (Unless I’m misremembering) Or you could give him the ninja star thing @OculusNuva 's selfMOC has but huge and made out of wings so it could turn into a jet pack.

Where’s the drill?

It needs a drill.

-1000000/10 may it explode violently.

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Looks great and reeks of testosterone, but

those mask teeth are great

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This is fantastic, I love the teeth especially :wink:

Needs more Kamina sunglasses IMO though, idk if it’s even possible

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Maybe just some non-purist paper ones, idk :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you put lightsaber blade sized axles through the eyes? work from there? idk

We’ll have to see

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You could get rid of the red “teeth” pieces on the chest above the Miru and use the axel holes to try and mount them?

Yea that could work. Biggest problem would be getting the right size sunglasses.

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Flat lego panels would work tbh

Maybe this piece in black?



I just wish it had drills and Kamina glasses like everyone else. OTher then that it is a perfection that needs praise