I wanted to make something big. I wanted to make something that wasn’t cluttered and silly looking (Like a certain reptile I made once…) and nice looking. I also wanted to combine a Salamander with a Frog. The end result is shown below.

Well, that was fun to do. I will admit, the body isn’t 100% stable, and the front legs could have gone better. But what do YOU think? I don’t know, so comment below.


Weird as all heck.
But it’s amazing.

Not sure if I’m really getting the salamander vibe, but this still looks amazing, none the less

Love how it looks, really unique!

It looks like a muaka was sent through a teleporter with a nui-jaga.

Whether that’s a good thing or not I leave up to you to decide, tbh I’m not sure myself.

Though speaking of muaka, I bet you could make a rather nice one using this as a base.

I really got more Muaka cat vibes from this than a salamander, but it still is pretty good

I wanted to make a salamander. When I couldn’t make the legs look how I wanted, I knew it wouldn’t look like one. Oh well.

I like salamanders.

I’ve heard of shooting your eye out, but this guy can take it to the next level!

Overall, looks pretty cool.

Big, posable, and cute. That’s a win in my book.

I would buy this, it is really good looking