Salt Lake City Fan Xperience 2017

I’ll be in Salt Lake City on Saturday, March 18 for this fascinating comic-con like event. Would anyone like to join me?

The Place: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City

The Time: 10:00 A.M.

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I am a few hours away, though I likely won’t be there.

No big deal. There’s plenty of other IRL things that I’m squeezing it around.

What state is this?

It’s in Utah, in the southwest of the U.S.

I’m considering going. It’s a little too early to tell, but I’m certainly considering it.


Hey, I’m definitely going. I’ll be with my fam most of the time, but I can stop by if there’s any kind of meetup

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Well, not especially. If @Eljay was coming, then yeah, possibly.

Hopefully we get that confirmation soon then, since it happens to be going on in less than a week now.

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So @CoconutFanatic, Eljay isn’t planning on being there. That being the case, I won’t be there either. Better luck next year; sorry.