Salt Lake Comic Con

Not exactly sure where the best place for a Comic Con topic is… Movies? Nah… Video games? Nah… All of the above? … Sure!

So is anyone going to that? Cause I am and it’d be pretty swell to meet some of you. If not, hey, I’ll be in the area to meet up regardless!

If anyone wants to meet me, here are the details:

Date and Time: September 26th, Saturday, at 5:00 local time.
The Place: Pioneer Park (Google Map it)
Game Plan: I’ve been informed that Pioneer Park isn’t a great location due to some crime complications, but I was informed rather late. So, we will still meet there at 5:00 local time, but after 15 minutes we’ll move to another local park.


I wish I could, I live in Orem about an hour away but I have to prepare for scouts. Have fun and all that!

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That depends… Will you be wearing your Miru or not? If I can go (which there is a 0% possibility) the only way I’d be able to recognize you is by the Miru.

Besides, you can’t show your face in public anyways! The people who own your face will find you and tell you to wear the mask…


I will be wearing the new Miru the entire time while at the event. I’ll be very easy to spot!


Project Rip mask from Eljay’s face begins in the underground


Dunno if I can get tickets, but if you’re doing a meet and greet I want to stop by.

I’ll intercept him if he happens to pass through Orem, @Hawkflight

I’m totally down for doing that. Wherever works best for you guys should work fine for me!


Living in Florida is awesome most of the time. But it usually means I never get to do these things.


How much are plane tickets from Straya to Salt Lake?

Is this the closest thing we’re gonna get to Eljay con?


I heard @Prince_Ankh lives in Salt Lake

cause he’s so salty

I live nowhere near here so I shall not be able to see the El of Jays in person. :sleepy:

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What days are you going to be there?

I’m gonna keep that a secret until it gets closer. =P

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Alrighty, double post time. Keep in mind this is against the rules. But the rules say I can do this, and I have to do this, so shh. =P

Date and Time: September 26th, Saturday, at 5:00 local time.
The Place: Pioneer Park (Google Map it)

And there we go. Leave any questions here, let’s get a bunch of people folks.


When would it end?


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The only thing you need to worry about here is the drivers. BTW, you said you would be visiting Comic-Con and a park, right?

Yup yup! I put all meet-up details in the first post.

Alright, see you in Pioneer Park then.