Salvation: Part II

Zepar finishes his drink and leaves a 10 Shanix tip for Barkeep before going to find Corona.

“Have you two forgotten how one of those fissures inexplicably teleported us into orbit this morning?” Grommet says to Sprocket and SideStep. “Perhaps screwing with them isn’t the brightest idea.”

“I hope so,” Breakswitch quips, “because I’m not really looking forward to my pending execution.”

If Pixel looked toward the mysterious island, he might spy a twinkling speck of green light rising into the night sky.

All the sentinels looked alike, as well as their weapons. Some, however, were badly damaged from age and neglect. Taking their weapons might more feasible.

The control tower was easy to spot- it was the tallest of the skyscrapers in the spaceport, and was the only one whose mechanisms seemed active.

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“Mine either.” He says with a chuckle. “Anyway. I’ll leave you two alone.” And he walks away, to take a look at the other artifacts.

“Uh… And what was the meaning you were refering to?”

“Well I mostly just bring up my tools that I need in case-by-case scenarios. I literally have no idea what I need for this…” CNA scanner"."

Pixel gasps at it and points. “T-thęRĘ!” He scans the Salvation, trying to borrow its ability to fly.

OOC: I don’t actually know if the Salvation would be too much or not…

“Yeah…” gulped Blight. “How’d he, um… You don’t have to answer, but um… how’d he go?”

“Hey, another bot on death row,” Flyby assumes. “Nice.”

“Yeah,” Breakswitch sardonically remarks, “I wonder if his brother got him wrapped up in some stupid scheme that resulted in him-”

“Okay, how many times do I need to say ‘I’m sorry’?” Flyby groans, interrupting his sister.

“As many times as I’d like!” Breakswitch snaps.

In the center of the room was a large pedestal on which rested the burnt and twisted fragments of some unknown machine. What it once was could not be determined, but its position in the room indicated that it was important somehow.

Who knows?” Thrift says mystically, waving his hands.

“Like poetry, its true meaning is up to interpretation.”

As large and complex as Salvation was, whatever Pixel would be able to transform into wouldn’t be an exact miniature of her.

“Yeah…” Alterion said, quickly switching his interest back to Corona.

“Old age. Like everything else organic.” she told him.

Gatecrasher shook his head with a chuckle.

He moved closer to get a better look at the burnt out hulk.

SideStep shrugged.
“So? That was when the Salvation got near it. Not me.”

Spectrum tilted her head curiously.

“A shame Gatecrasher left,” Corona comments. “Oh well, at least Scrapshot’s here now. O-or is it Driftburn?”


“Look on the bright side, sis!” Flyby pleads. “If things work out, we won’t be executed!”

If things work out, I might still kill you!” Breakswitch vows.

Underneath the scorch marks and many millions of years’ worth of weathering, the faint remainings of gold trimmings, strange diagrams (similar to the ones seen on the doors unlocked by the Omega Key), and strings of cyberglyphics.

“What if it hurls you into space?” Grommet proposes. “I think a proper-”

“That could take too long!” Sprocket interrupts. “Greasemonkey’d have Salvation fixed up and ready to take off before we got through all the steps!”

Gatecrasher began to tune them out.

He cursed under his breath. “I really need to lean these characters.” he said to himself.

“Oh,” Blight mumbled. “How long ago was that?”

Pixel gave a wave and took off, racing towards the speck.

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Behind Gatecrasher, metal footsteps sound as Forcep walks into the room, with Deus trailing close behind.

The green speck of light was quickly rising higher towards the stars.

“About 35.” She said.

"He was so focused on inspecting the object, he didn’t notice.

Zepar begins heading to the control tower seeing as how it looked like a good spot for someone to lead a community from.

Epsilon shrugs, “I honestly have no idea what tools would work but maybe Shockwave has an idea of what tools you’d need?” He asks.

She shrugged.
“Lead the way.”

Epsilon continues leading Wildsong to the park where Shockwave was, probably, still working on the scanner.

“Hey, Shockwave.” He said, “Any progress?” He asks, curious if the cyclops learned anything new about the device. (@Chromeharpoon)

Scrapshot looks at Corona,
“I’m guess you already know then…”
He transforms into Driftburn,
“Either works, or heck you could combine the two and call me Driftshot.”

Actaeon sighs, to him it was likely that whatever puzzle that was here might’ve broke after all this time. He tries each sword, trying to gauge which would the the easiest to remove.

OOC: would it be OK to ask for a layout of their surrounding area? Like where the knights/sentinels are positioned and where they might relate to the wall/door with the sentinel, with the missing sword?

Gronius looked puzzled at him.
“A spy?” Alterion asked.

Driftshot sighs and shrugs,
“Something like that. It’s a rather long story. But long story short I’m one of you guys, I just have a alternate robot mode that makes me, Scrapshot.”
That last part was a lie, Scrapshot was his original form, although that was also a very complicated story, one that Corona most likely knew if Driftshot guessed right.