Salvation: Part II

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Part 1:

Twenty million years ago, warriors from opposing sides of a bitter civil war put aside their rivalries to embark on a quest to save their species from extinction, pursued by zealous fanatics and racing against time to thwart impending doom.

“Planet Omega”, twenty-million years ago…

An orange sun rises above the jagged, rocky peaks, its rays poking through the blanket of fog between them and the white clouds up above. The morning light spills upon dark stone, sparse patches of tropical plantlife, roaming packs of strange mechanimals… and something else.

A vast starship of unbelievable scale glides over the wide valleys and rivers running between the mountains, her skilled navigator gently guiding her safely through the expanse. The sunlight gleams off her tan hull- all twenty miles of it- and glistens off the barrels of her mighty weapons. Immense, curving viewports reveal train cars running across her length, ferrying her crew towards many destinations within. Beneath the spire elevating the ship’s bridge, a massive decal adorns the hull, displaying the ship’s name:


Before the ship, a comparatively tiny transport shuttle suddenly breaks through the clouds in a headlong dive toward the ground far below. Within the cockpit was Salvation’s pilot, the Decepticon Flyby, and the Autobot captain, Topside.

“Uh, Flyby?” Topside says, “Shouldn’t we be pulling up now? I really think we should be pulling up now.”

“Well, uh, yes, captain, you’re right,” Flyby stammers, “but, you see… um… we, uh, can’t.”

Can’t?” Topside repeats, worry creeping into his voice. “What do you mean, you can’t?”

“I mean can’t, as in: system failure-can’t, captain,” Flyby explains, gesturing to the control panel, which was overwhelmed with error messages. The shuttle shakes and trembles as it plummets down toward the fog with no sign of stopping,

“…Well… slag,” Topside manages to sputter.

“Yeah, this landing’s gonna be interesting,” Flyby says, pulling frantically at the unresponsive controls. “…Y’know, in the 'please, Primus, don’t let me die’ sort of way.”

From Topside’s right, the first officer, Motherboard, chimes in:

“Calculating percent-chance of survival, captain,” she drones in her usual monotone.

“Please don’t,” Topside quickly requests.

“Affirmative, captain,” Motherboard complies.

Topside opens the door to the cramped bay behind the cockpit, poking his head inside to address the rest of the craft’s occupants.

“Alright everybody, grab onto something! The next minute’s gonna be pretty… intense. …And also possibly our last, but… yeah, try not to think about that. Happy thoughts, guys.”



Zepar watched with fear as the shuttle fell from the sky, praying that the occupants would land safely.

SideStep swore loudly as he braced himself in the medbay. “This stupid ship better not kill me.” He growled angrily.

Lightshift, Vigor, and Thrust stared up at the shuttle descending from the sky.
“What are the chances they make a perfect landing?” Lightshift said, trying to ease the worry.
“Zero point zero zero one percent.” Thrust said unhappily.
“It was a joke.” Lightshift sighed.

“Yes, well… that’s what I’m trying to avoid!” Flyby calls from the cockpit.

“Try harder!” SideStep adds grouchy, throwing in another few colorful words.

Alterion, Delta and Song would tightly catch onto something in different spots of the cruiser. Redstocker, on the other hand, rose his arms in the air as the gravity would roll his wheelchair all around the room, while the old man was laughing maniacally.

Gronius, on Omega, looked at the huge vessel landing.
“You know, you rarely see such a view.” he told Zepar, without taking his eyes from the vessel, still in dragon mode.

“True, but I am worried.” He said, “scans show this planet has got all kinds of Energon, including the Blood of Unicron, all over the place.”

“Oh, come on. I don’t see any Terrorcon around. And the lady you talked with, whatever she was saying, didn’t seem to be one either. Relax.”

You wanna give this a try?!” Flyby calls back, agitated. “I don’t need a back-cockpit driver right now!”

“Yeah, uh… that’s the spirit…?” Topside reacts.

These heroes were likely, then, standing on one of the mountains, watching as Salvation pushed through the air before them, disturbing the low-hanging clouds. Her hull was cracked, warped, burnt, and torn in so many places, and many of her weapons had been blown up beyond operational capacity.

Glowing conduits on the tropical, techno-organic foliage gently flicker like candles in ancient times, and crystals of every variety of Energon jut from the grey rocks. Strange mechanimals scurry about, unlike any ever seen on Cybertron or the other colonies.

From the fog, a red shaft of light illuminates Salvation’s underside- likely cast from one of the many glowing cracks in the surface of Planet Omega that had so far perplexed the crew.


“I doubt I’ll relax until the Allspark has been healed.” He said, not taking his gaze off their damaged Fleetcarrier.

Gronius stood up on his four legs.
“Fine. Let’s go explore the place. We need to find who that woman was.”

Zepar nods in agreement and tries to see if he could call that person back on his comlink.

The commlink still had record of the frequency the mysterious woman had used. It did not match any that Salvation’s crew utilized, nor was it any of the standard frequencies used by the Autobots or Decepticons.

The transport shuttle continues to dive, showing no sign of pulling up any time soon.

“Scouting party,” Zepar called out, “try to slow the shuttle’s descent!”

“Yes, I’m trying to do that,” Flyby’s voice- high, and possessing a faint, eastern European-like accent- crackles over the comlink, “but the control panel and I are having a disagreement!”

He mutters under his breath, “Must I do this myself?”

He launches upwards to try and slow down the craft by pushing it up from beneath, putting all the energy he could into his own flight systems to do as much as he could.

OOC: Zepar’s trying to generate enough perpendicular force on the shuttle so that it pulls up and, hopefully, levels out so it can slow down to a safe landing speed.

As he would do this he would hear another object hitting the surface of the craft not too far away. It was Gronius, doing his best to try to help him.

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Try as the might, Gronius and Zepar did not have the strength to level out the shuttle on their own. From the cockpit, Flyby could be seen waving his arms and shouting at the two, though they couldn’t hear what he was saying (likely, it was something along the lines of “What in the Pit are you guys doing?!”)

Behind Flyby, Topside and Motherboard could be seen, along with perhaps a few more of the shuttle’s occupants.

Blight awoke to a disturbing clattering.


Two blue eyes blinked back at him innocently.

“Oh, what now?” He flicked on the light, finding Pixel the Minicon crafting an orderly pyramid of medicines. At least he isn’t breaking them.

Zepar tries to get to a doorway to get everyone to make an emergency exit from the ship.