Salvation: Part II

Zepar would be able to reach the door of the shuttle.

Driftburn grabs onto a railing, wondering what was going to happen. Daria had left the hangar a while ago in pursuit of something else that would pique her interests.

Actaeon stayed where he was.

In the days since Salvation had arrived on what the crew had dubbed Planet Omega, our heroes had discovered only one mystery after another as the Fleetcarrier searched for a place to land (you couldn’t just park a twenty mile-long spaceship anywhere, you see). The long, glowing cracks that scarred the seas and tropical islands all over the surface- which shot up ethereal curtains of red, blue, green, and purple light into the sky- continued to confound both Salvation’s sensors and the minds of her scientists aboard. Not even Shockwave- the Decepticon Head Scientist and the most brilliant cybertronian mind since the end of the Golden Age- had yet to figure them out.

Speaking of Shockwave, he could be found in a lab in the science wing on Deck 6, along with Sprocket and Grommet, Salvation’s chief science officers. All three were continuing to study the planet.

OOC: and where is that, exactly?

OOC: If I remember correctly Actaeon was with Requiem-IX on the Savant.

Daria walks up to the three. She asked,
“What’s cookin’?”

“'S beautiful.” Lightshift said. “But man. Our shjp looks like it came from a junkyard.” He chuckled.

OOC: that was two-or-three days ago, in-universe. Everybody else seems to be in different places, so I reckon Actaeon would be, too.

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Daria walks up to the three. She asked,
“What’s cookin’?”

Shockwave was currently in his own lab, while Sprocket and Grommet were in the room that they begrudgingly shared.

Sprocket was a tall Autobot with dark brown armor accented by green, bearing the components of a terran muscle car and an attack helicopter built into his person. A triple changer. A specialist in Golden Age technology, his side of the lab was cluttered with ancient bits and baubles left over from the Golden Age. The Autobot wasn’t a very tidy person, apparently. Equipment and relics were strewn about on the tables, and monitors and holo-screens had been left on.

“Nothing,” Sprocket says dejectedly to Daria. He, like many other cybertronians, did not possess a proper mouth. Instead, whenever he talked, red and white lights flashed where his mouth would have been.

“Three days here, and I’m nowhere closer to figuring out what’s up with this planet.”


Very few crew members would be inclined to disagree. The Splitter brothers might see Gronius and Zepar trying to save the crashing transport shuttle.

Pixel and Blight might here a commotion near… whereever they where.


Gatecrasher leaned on the wall near the exit hatch, waiting for the order to be given to depart. “So Old girl, what do you think of the woman who called us? Do you think we should try and find her?” he asked the Savant

Zepar tries to tear the door open.

The Inquisitive Savant had been returned to hangar thirty-one, and currently rests in its moorings. The ancient ship was once a research vessel for the Knights of Cybertron, but now it had recently come to serve as a (rather large- it was only a little smaller than an Autobot frigate) scouting vessel for our heroes. Its self-repairs were almost complete, and now the Savant’s silver hull was magnificently polished, and sported a gold trim on the two fins folded over its top.

The Savant’s AI does not appear to reply to Gatecrasher’s query.

Zepar manages to do so. Topside and Motherboard immediately grab onto the nearest handholds they can find to avoid being sucked out of the shuttle.

Dude!” Flyby shrieks, “That-… might actually be helpful, thanks!”

“Grab what you can and jump on a flier before this thing hits the ground!” He yelled.

“You there old girl?” Gatecrasher asked, sounding a little worried. “Can you let me in?”

Flyby and Motherboard transform to vehicle mode- Flyby became a sleek cybertronian fighter jet, while Motherboard became a reconnaissance drone- and they fly out into the chill morning air. Topside begins to make his way toward the exit, too.

“I know it’s expected of me,” he says, “but I’d rather not go down with the ship just yet.”

One of the spherical doors leading into the Savant peels apart, revealing a corridor beyond.

Gatecrasher walks inside. “I don’t know if you can tell, but your looking right pretty now that we’ve got you fixed up.” he tells the Savant

Indeed, the past three days had been kind to the old ship. One of our heroes, Zepar, had found a way to trigger a self-repair mechanism within the craft using the Omega Key, which had restored the vessel to life. Now, most of the ship was fully functional again, save for the weapons and Dark Matter drive; a few small pieces could be seen still putting themselves back together here and there, but for the most part the Inquisitive Savant was in perfect working order.

“Jump now, talk later!” Zepar told Flyby seeing as how the shuttle was still hurtling towards the ground.

“I find myself in need of a lift,” Topside says, gesturing to the wheels that formed his large forearms.

“So old girl, have you learned our language?” he asked

Translation of neocybex phonetics and alphabet sixty-eight percent complete,” one of the sentinels lining the walls of the corridor says in a confusing amalgam of both ancient cybertronian and neocybex.

“Hrm… not quite yet I see. Does talking to you help at all?” He asks the ship.

“Everyone that can’t fly on their own will have to ride on me.” Zepar told them.