Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

It’s your call.

Woah. Nemesis Prime. This just got serious.

Ok so rage mode is grimlock sized velociraptor.

That… sounds absolutely terrifying. Nice choice.

Thank you! Could I have the link to the role play?(if I am accepted of course…)

Here you go.

Obviously you need to be accepted first, but I suggest you set this topic and that topic to watched, so you can keep track of things, not just when someone replies or @ 's you.

Whoa. Alright then. I’d says Magneta’s accepted.

Don’t worry; that was just a vision.

I’ve got work from 11 AM to 7 PM today, so you guys unfortunately won’t see very much of me.

So I know that I said that if I get lost again I will leave this game but…
I am not ready to give it up now, especially now that my rp excitement kinda got raised a little bit.
The last thing I know was that there was a mutiny between the prisoners. What happened after that?

Zepar, Laslow and Gatecrasher handled the breakout. Juliana, Blight, and pixel are talking, facelift and Spectrum are returning from kidnapping, and in general we’re just kinda picking up the pieces.

The breakout got resolved, and now the prisoners are being taken out of Salvation since she’s not equipped to contain them right now. That’s because Actaeon and Zepar used the Omega Key to activate a repair sequence that’s left Salvation largely dismantled.

Facelift and Spectrum were kidnapped by… someone and taken to that continent to the south with all the weird white lights. Epsilon figured out that they were taken there via a ground bridge, and is now working with Thrift to try and find it.

Like @ProfSrlojohn said, Blight, Juliana, and Pixel are in a park somewhere talking, Laslow’s trying to find Juliana, and Gatecrasher is wandering around, last I read.

@Jcton’s Actaeon and Driftburn are with Lady Corona, talking.

And everyone else is kinda just out and about, from what I’ve gathered. There’s also one more secret to that room the Omega Key opened in the spaceport earlier that y’all haven’t caught yet…

I have been called?

And is there anything that would directly affect my characters?

Kinda, I guess. I’m just catching Vladin up.

Yes. The Omega Key is using cybermatter to repair Salvation, and it might have started to fix up Redstocker’s legs, too. He’s also probably with all the prisoners that got taken out of the ship.


Not to sound like a rude boomer, but for one, Bumblebee didn’t join the Salvation and two, he would most likely be Chrome’s character. Along with Juliana being Prof’s character.
You cannot control other’s characters.

Ditto. That’s what’s known as meta gaming.

When I get home, I’ll give you a link to a website that gives you a pretty good rundown of RP etiquette.

EDIT: here is one that’s pretty close to how we RP here, and on most of the boards.

I think this paragraph gives the best idea about the general rules.

You only control your character, never control or directly affect someone else’s PC without their explicit OOC permission. Your character does not experience everything you play through in the game, and you should avoid direct contact with important lore figures and objects. Try to keep lore in mind and be open to discussions about lore and how it pertains to your characters. Keep your character’s power level roughly on par with whoever you’re RPing with. OOC knowledge should be kept separate from your character’s IC knowledge. Construct your posts in a way that makes them clear and easy for your RP partner to respond to.

We… also have the board rules

@Magneta, is this your first time RPing on this site? Just asking out of curiosity.

Y’all can we not hound Magneta please? It was a small mistake; all they need is one person to explain the rules.

Which is all what i trying to do. sorry!