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More than twenty million years ago, the Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons came to a cease-fire between both factions after scientists on either side made a horrifying discovery: five hundred years of devastating civil war had done great damage to Cybertron’s core, mortally wounding the spark of Primus. If the Allspark was not healed soon, it would eventually extinguish, leaving Cybertron a dead world and fating the cybertronian race to stagnate, starve, and pass into oblivion.

At first, joint efforts between the Autobots and Decepticons to nurse their god back to health proved in vain. Just when all hope seemed lost, however, a discovery was made in the Sea of Rust: a map leading to a powerful artifact capable of rejuvenating the spark of Primus, thought only to exist in legend- the Omega Lock.

A Decepticon Fleetcarrier has been overhauled with cutting-edge technology produced by the marriage of Autobot and Decepticon science, manned by a large crew operating under one goal: to find the Omega Lock and deliver their race from the brink of extinction. You, dear player, are a crewmember aboard this ship, the CFC Salvation, and the continued existence of your race depends upon your success.

Transformers: Salvation is a prequel to my previous RP, Twilight of the Golden Age. To read more about the lore of the universe, click here.


-If you were any one of the folks who played Twilight of the Golden Age, I’m afraid you cannot replay any of your characters from that RP here. There will be no exceptions.

-No killing/seriously maiming other characters without player consent.

-No metagaming or godmoding.

-No autohitting; no autododging.

-Avoid creating Mary Sues.

-Players are limited to having a maximum of only five characters at a time. Please keep the old maxim of “quality over quantity” in mind; don’t waste your slots with mediocre characters out of some need to fill all five.

-Please try to keep your character sheets up-to-date over the course of the game. This will make them a more effective reference source. I won’t be necessarily enforcing this; it’s merely a request.

-No “villainous” characters, please. Your characters don’t have to be paragons of virtue and morality (otherwise you couldn’t be Decepticons), however I don’t need help in the antagonist department. Your characters will be the heroes of this story.

-OOC discussion will be kept civil and respectful. I will not tolerate name-calling, insults, harassment, or anything else of the kind.

-Please keep things within the realm of PG-PG13, both in the RP and this topic.

-Please refrain from making OOC-only posts in the RP.

-Other standard RP/Boards rules apply.

-Failure to abide by these rules can result in your removal from Transformers: Salvation, or the involvement of the site staff/moderators if necessary.

Character Sheet Template


Homeworld: (you may choose from Cybertron and the first nine colonies. click here for more information.)

Faction: (Autobot, Decepticon, neutral)

Appearance: (please give credit when using fan-art and customs)

Alt-mode(s): (see above. Characters can have up to four alt-modes)

Subtype (optional): (minicon, point one percenter, techno-organic, head/target/power/whatever-master, etc.)

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: (players can have up to three companions to divide amongst their characters: non-sentient drones and/or mechanimals (cybertronian fauna). These are counted as extensions of the character that owns them and thus do not affect the character limit)


*Note: cybertronian lifespans are drastically shorter in this universe; your typical bot lives between 85,000 and 100,000 years on average, as opposed to the many millions of years a bot can live in official fiction.

Faction Overviews


The Decepticons

As the reign of Sentinel Prime began to draw to a close, an outspoken gladiator named Megatron left the arena to pursue his political ambitions. Megatron and those who followed him proclaimed that the race of Transformers had grown weak in their dealings with organic beings, and that the “superior” cybertronians had a divine right to rule over them. To that end, techno-organics, beast-formers, and the like were also declared abominations that compromised the purity of the species, with some of the more zealous of these soon-to-be Decepticons calling for their purging.

The Decepticons soon gained a vocal following, however the Imperium of Cybertron would not yield to their demands, despite threats of an uprising and hostile takeover. These threats simply were not taken with the degree of seriousness as they should’ve been, and as such the Imperium was taken very much by surprise as the volcanic colony of Chaar became the first world to fall to the Decepticon Empire.

Despite their military might, the political structure of the Decepticon Empire is actually about as fragile as a tangle of bricks and shoestring. Infighting, “unfortunate accidents”, and the like are commonplace, with many such as Starscream only achieving as high position on the chain of command as they did by stabbing the previous incumbent in the back, both literally and figuratively. As the war went on, high-ranking, influential Decepticons like Bludgeon even went as far as to secretly form their own “sub-factions” of sorts within the Empire, with the ultimate goal of removing Megatron from power and assuming control of the Empire as a whole. It should also be noted that many on the lower end of the Decepticon Empire’s hierarchy aren’t quite as zealous believers in the ideology of the faction as those in positions of power. Many have simply joined the Decepticons out of fear, seeing no chance for the Autobots to win against their formidable military force, even as the Empire tears itself apart from the inside.


The Autobots
How exactly the Autobot faction came into being is largely unknown. It would seem that there was a point early in the war where the Imperium of Cybertron simply ceased to exist, and the responsibility of fighting for the freedom of all sentient beings fell upon the shoulders of valiant warriors calling themselves “Autobots”.

At first, the Autobots lacked any form of definite leadership, putting them at a disadvantage against the more organized Decepticon Empire. Quickly, however, one City Commander by the name of Ultra Magnus gained notoriety for his prowess in battle, as well as his inspiring persona and indomitable spirit. Ultra Magnus soon came to be, in the eyes of many, the personification of the Autobot faction and its’ ideals, and not long afterward he became the faction’s supreme commander.

The Autobot political structure is much stronger and more unified that its’ Decepticon counterpart, and the faction’s ideology is pretty much the same as it is in most official continuities. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”, and all that. Though their military and technological resources pale in comparison to those of the Decepticons, the Autobots have nonetheless fought relentlessly against their tyrannical regime, with their unbreakable unity and tremendous spirit proving a match against the worst of what the Empire can throw at them. The Autobots also place greater value in science and research in an attempt to close the aforementioned technological gap between the factions. This has produced such marvels as the Omega Sentinels and the basis for what would soon become the Transwarp drive.


While most of the cybertronian race has joined either the Autobots or the Decepticons by this point in the war, there are still a great many who did not align themselves with either faction, choosing not to involve themselves in the Great War, and others still who have left both factions for one reason or another. Most neutrals tend to share the Autobot ideals, however they despise both factions for the destruction they have wrought upon the galaxy in their centuries-long war. Others still, however, have elected to remain neutral to avail themselves to both factions as bounty hunters, mercenaries, and the like.

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Current player characters

The Omega Lock/Omega Keys


Name: Broadwing
Homeworld: Cybertron
Faction: Decepticon

Artist credit:
Subtype: Techno-organic
Weapons: Sharp snapping claws. Left claw can fire missiles. Razor sharp stinger tail is able to deliver a powerful cyber-venom. (A strain of the Energon discharge virus that causes any open wounds to bleed profusely)
Bio: Originally a twisted Decepticon experiment created by Shockwave, Broadwing was designed to be a living weapon, constantly on the verge of madness. However, he seeks to improve himself and become a better person. This is the primary reason he joined the Salvation crew. It should be known that he still is capable of having violent and deranged outbursts.

Homewor: Cybertron
Faction: Autobot

(I tried to find the original artist to give credit but couldn’t find anything)
Subtype: NA
Weapons: Arm mounted flame thrower. Fire breath in beast mode.
Bio: Torchwing is honorable and noble to a fault. He’s incredibly trusting and eager to make friends with his new decepticon companions. Many would think that because of his trusting and cheerful nature he’d be easy to take advantage of, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As optimistic as he may be, Torchwing can sniff out ill intentions from a mega mile away. He’s taken a liking to the decepticon Broadwing. Despite his horrific and disturbingly often energon covered exterior, Torchwing can tell he has a pure spark, and wants to help him in any way he can.


All I need is a better description of what exactly the venom does, and you’ll be good!


Name: Driftburn / Scrapshot
Faction: Decepticon, Autobot (as Scrapshot)
Homeworld: Caelum
Subspecies/Subclass: Triple Changer with unique transformation
Driftburn (Decepticon)

Scrapshot (Autobot)

Character Artwork is from TF Unverse, link to where I got it:
Exterior: Car mode is the same steel blue color.


Vehicle Artwork is by Maciej Kuciara link:
**Weapons, Abilities, and Equipment:**Altmode also changes color to match either Driftburn’s or Scrapshot’s color palette.
Driftburn: six-barreled Ion Blaster shoots as a shotgun styled Ion blaster, dual energon swords.
Scrapshot: six-barreled shoulder cannon, the previous six-barreled ion blaster transforms into the shoulder turret, shoot as a rotating turret, has two pistol-styled ion cannons in his forearms.
Bio: Driftburn is a bot with a sad tale. He became a decepticon when they treated him with respect and helped him up. After that he became a loyal decepticon, who could disguise himself as an autobot. Though as Scrapshot, he became more focused and reclusive. He used Scrapshot for spy missions so he can infiltrate Autobot bases and etc.


What exactly would you find acceptable?

Give these to Scrapshot and we’ll be good.

Well, what do you have in mind?


Something potent and easily lethal, but just to be fair, it can be easily cured if immediate medical attention is given.

So… maybe an acid or something? Aligned Ripclaw had something similar for her mech-venom, I believe.


Does this work?

my only question; is why Scrapshot needs to have these?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m afraid not. Please make them exclusive to Scrapshot.

I updated the sheet. See if that works.

I hope this works

Actually let me update the whole thing to make it clear which persona has which.

Sure, that works. As long as the effects are relatively slow-acting.

Both your characters are approved!

That it does. Driftburn/Scrapshot is approved.

Okay, please do that, and let me know when you have.


It has been done

Alrighty. Driftburn/Scrapshot is approved. For real this time.

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Name: Sendoff

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Autobot, formerly Decepticon

Appearance: Abnormally tall. Has a long, drawn face. Primary colour is ebony while the secondary colour is chrome. Extremely sleek design, but with a surprising amount of reinforced metal in his arms which breaks the flow of his aesthetic. His eyes are a flat red, and give off less light than most Transformers’ eyes typically do.

Alt-mode(s): Sendoff’s second form is a jet very similar to a stealth bomber in design and colours. He is exceedingly speedy in this mode, but unlike other Transformers he cannot slow his speed to any degree at all. He must continue zipping forward like a bullet or transform into a different form.

Subtype (optional): N/A

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: In his robot form Sendoff carries a riot cannon for close-range combat, and in vehicle form he wields a path blaster.

Extremely antisocial and uncomfortable whenever not focused on a task calling to his intelligence, the sour bot found an escape from his dreary existence in the form of the Decepticons. He was interested with their goal and while their motives were less than stellar, he was willing to put them to the test and see how well he could fit in.

He proved to be an effective soldier and was rewarded for it with weapons of his own, as well as a rank high enough to come into direct contact with Megatron. He quickly learned he utterly despised the Decepticon leader and wanted nothing to do with him at all, so far as going out of his way to see certain missions purposefully failed. This didn’t bode well with those around him, and even though he did an excellent job at hiding his hand in it he knew it wouldn’t be long before Megatron or someone close to him found out and had him blown to bits.

During a mission on the front lines, he accepted his fate and decided to simply let the Autobots tear him up. To his surprise the front was being lead by Ultra Magnus, and while the name meant nothing to him the sheer figure of the Autobot leader certainly did. He was captured, interrogated, and after a few short discussions with the Autobot leader himself he was allowed to switch sides. Ultra Magnus’ extreme willpower and commanding presence clashed with his cold, calculating intelligence, so his former position as a strategist was never brought up. Now in direct contact with Decepticons once again, Sendoff is worried his first proper mission may end up being his last.

Name: Xi Repressor

Homeworld: Junkion

Faction: None Yet

Appearance: Xi Repressor is a slightly spherical combiner forever trapped as a combiner. The bots that made up his original form are long deceased. His armour is a mix-match of foggy blues, rusted greens, and a bit of sand brown. His face is completely inhuman, with a gaping jaw filled with razor-sharp pieces of metal serving as teeth.

Alt-mode(s): An absolutely horrific version of a car-jet, with too many wheels to drive normally and thrusters on multiple sides. There is one advantage to the abomination, however: it is incredibly durable, and is hard to put a dent in. Xi Repressor can use the wheels on the top of the vehicle to drive upside-down if he is toppled, and the thrusters help steer where it is going. Of course, the giant pile of metal is unbelievably slow, and while it is capable of totaling or ramming another Cybertronian, it would be easily outraced by any other vehicle moving faster than a sprint.

Subtype (optional): N/A

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: One arm of Xi Repressor is a cluster of path blasters, all fused at bizarre angles and connected to him. It is an unwieldy weapon and Xi Repressor would much rather use it for bludgeoning his opponents to death than try and make it aim properly, but if he does manage to fire it, it can send shots in every direction… Shots that take a good while to recharge, since the ammunition runs off of Xi’s own personal energy. (About 6-7 posts)

Xi Repressor was formerly five Decepticons formed into a combiner. Unfortunately for them, something went wrong. Some blame Megatron for the act, others claim it was the Autobots who caused it, and a sparing few insist that combiners are inherently dangerous and the inevitable was all that occurred. No matter the cause, the transformation cycle of the combiner was scrambled in the process of forming him, and the violent personality of the combiner eliminated the individual personalities of the Decepticons in the process. The amalgamation that formed tried to revert back into the five original Decepticons, but that failed as well. The process went back and forth until all that remained was a massively disproportionate hunchback with a massive, gaping jaw, a very circular form, barely any reason, and in an immense amount of pain. The bestial creature tore through the ranks of its baffled comrades and escaped the battlefield.

Xi Repressor was recently sighted near the docking station of the CFC Salvation, and after an intense struggle was subdued by the combined effort of the foot soldiers of each faction. It was the first test to see how well the opposing groups could cooperate in combat. Xi Repressor was hauled on board to be interrogated and, if nothing could be done with him, possibly use him as a test canary once the precise location of the Omega Lock has been pinpointed - navigating the Sea of Rust was no easy task, and the likelihood that the Omega Lock’s hiding place is not easy to get to. Some of the Decepticons would prefer he be used as a target for experimental weapons instead.

Astrum is unfortunately unavailable as a homeworld in this RP. Cybertron, the original seven colonies, Junkion, and Clemency are available, however. This might affect his backstory.

I’m afraid the bomb alt-mode and null rays are little too powerful. Please exchange them for something else.

Name: Pixel

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Unknown

Appearance: A collection of steel blocks, magnetically connected with a blue light. One block for a head, two horizontally for the chest, one for the waist, three for the arms and legs. The feet have a little extension representing “toes” for balance, and the hands can disconnect and the tip to form “fingers.” His blue eyes are made of small squares that blink and flicker into expression.


Let’s see how far I can push this

While Pixel has no permanent alt-mode, he has the ability to scan anything he wishes to transform into. This is effective in disguising himself, though he only has the data storage for up to two alt-modes, and must replace one every time he wishes to scan another.

Subtype: Minicon.

Weapons and abilities: None, though his alt-modes are commonly used for combat.

Bio: Pixel was originally the Minicon sidekick of an Autobot Warrior, blindly following his every command. When the Autobot perished, Pixel had no guide. Now, he just stumbles across the colonies, looking for adventure.


Would playing as an existing Transformers character who has had almost no appearances in fiction be acceptable @Chromeharpoon?

I’m sorry, but four means four. Pick your favorites from these, please.

I’m sorry, but I’d prefer that players play original characters.