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Name: Altterious (Revus to the autobots)
Faction: decepticon
Subtype: mega pretender
Inner Bot: he speed recon jet
Shell: heavy missile carrier


(with an autobot logo on the decepticon one’s place)
Ablities/weapons: He carries around a transmitter disguised as a heavy missile, and a radio jammer, the inner bot has a Nucleon charge rifle and two knives
Bio: he’s a decepticon spy using his shell to hide amongst the autobots as a high ranking weapons engineer, leaking new autobot tech to the decepticons, along with stalling as much progress as he can without exposing himself. Before being sent by the autobot’s to assist the salvation

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This is a little much, sorry.

What if we changed this to a Nucleon charge rifle? I’ve established earlier that Null Ray weapons are too powerful.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Wait a minute; I just had an idea to help with Pixel’s alt-modes:

In the DOTM video game, Laserbeak didn’t have an alt-mode of his own per se; instead, he could scan random objects and temporarily turn into those; each time he transformed back to robot mode, he lost the alt-mode and had to scan it again or something else. If Pixel had something like his as an ability, that’d be acceptable to me.



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Thanks. Altterious/Revus is approved.

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Sounds cool! Something like Frenzy scanning random things in ‘07?

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Yeah, like that.

Edit Pixel’s sheet accordingly, and he should be acceptable!

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Does this work?

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Name: Aridocara
Homeworld: Cybertron
Faction: Decepticon

Alt-mode: Dune Buggy
Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Two Blasters
Bio: Aridocara is a loyal decepticon, although he often enjoys doing things on his own, he’s a little of a loner though

Name: Roadkill
Homeworld: Cybertron
Faction: Decepticon

Alt-mode(s): 1970 Dodge Charger RT
Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Rocket Launcher
Bio: Roadkill is a crazy decepticon who ‘goes where the road takes him’

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Yeah, it does. Pixel can have three permanent alt-modes in addition to this ability, though, just so you’re aware; I wouldn’t want for Pixel to be potentially underpowered.

@MistikaFan Roadkill and Aridocara are both approved.

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Yay! Aridocara actually gets an RP to be in

Name: Flareshot

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Decepticon?

Appearance: Transformers Generations GDO Swerve Body-type
Primary Color - Black
Secondary Color - Orange
Tertiary Color - White
Eyes - Azure

Flareshot’s eyes are sunken in. Part of the Decepticon logo on the center of his chest is missing.
Alt-mode: Flareshot’s alternate form is similar to that of a small pick-up truck. However, due to an injury sustained during the war, it has become incredibly painful for Flareshot to transform.

Weapons, Abilities, Equipment:
Photon Eliminator Rifle
20 Special “Incindiary” Rounds
Concealed Energon Dagger
Burst Pistol

Flareshot was an early adapter of Decepticon ideology. The reforms promised under Megatron was music to his audio receptors. So when an all out war broke out between the Autobots and the Decepticons, it was no surprise Flareshot joined the ranks of the Decepticon army. Flareshot was one of those Decepticons. Loyal to the bitter end and would treat other soldiers who lacked his sense of loyalty as lesser life forms. Flareshot was eventually given the opportunity to train as a sniper, a role he would quickly come to excel at.

One day, Flareshot’s unit was informed by a superior officer they would be raiding an Autobot convoy outside the sea of rust. The mission was an absolute failure. In every sense of the word, it was a slaughter. Almost every Decepticon sent on that mission was wiped out, Flareshot being one of the few who survived, though sustaining heavy damage. Flareshot waited for help to come. He waited hours, days, weeks . . . none came. He was tossed aside by the very cause he fought so hard for. Flareshot came to a realization that day; In the eyes of the Decepticons, he was expendable. . . they all were.

Damaged and alone, Flareshot eventually made his way to the nearest town. The local medibot did the best he could to repair Flareshot’s injuries, though he could no longer transform without undergoing intense pain. Imbittered by his abandonment, he quickly turned to drinking to quell the pain. All he had ever known, was gone. He was, and still is, unsure if all he had fought so hard for was still what he wanted.


I love the bio! Flareshot is approved!

This is very interesting. I’m eager to see how he interacts with my character Broadwing.

I’m excited with how Aridocara and Roadkill react with, well, anyone! (Including each other)


The Titan Squadron

[details=Magnobolt]Name: Magnobolt

Titan Squadron: Leader

Homeworld: Paradon

Faction: Decepticon

Appearance and Alt-mode:

Combiner Component: Torso

Subtype: Point One Percenter (Power and Strength) and Combiner.

Weapons: Axe

Two Exotic Pulse Rifles with a bayonet attached to the barrel.

Abilities: Point One Percenter (Power and Strength) making him a bit stronger than an ordinary Cybertronian and he can also use his missile launcher on his back to shot different types of missiles.

Equipment: Communication device and grenades.

Personality: He is a wise leader, devoted to the Decepticon cause. He will fight till the end, even if this means his end.
He believes that the Decepticons are the only ones able to achieve peace. He is loyal to his superiors, especially towards Megatron.
At first glance, he might seem a cold warrior that gives his enemies a quick death. However, once you get to know him, you will know that he is actually a good leader that cares about his comrades and friends.

Bio: Before the Great War, Magnobolt was a regular bot, living in peace together with his beloved wife. However, once the war started, Magnobolt was one of the first victims of the collateral damage. One night a surprise attack lead to a full-scale battle that devastated Magnabolt’s City in Paradon.
Magnobolt succeeded to escape his house before it was destroyed. However, his wife and his friends that were inside weren’t as lucky. This completely devastated Magnabolt’s spark.
He started hating the Autobots, considering that they are the only ones responsible for his wife’s death. His good was replaced by rage and hate, which turned him into a vigilante with only one goal: to kill all of the Autobots.
He hated the Autobots but wasn’t the biggest fan of the Decepticons. He took his axe and tried to attack one small Autobot base established in the ruins of Paradon.
The Autobots thought he was a rogue Decepticons, so they protected the base, almost killing Magnobolt. Before one of the Autobots, a soldier could give him the final shot, a Decepticon air leading officer called Sidestrike bombed the small base, killing the Autobots and rescuing Magnobolt.
Sidestrike was impressed by Magnobolt’s courage, so he convinced him to join the Decepticons, telling him that they are the only ones who can defeat the plague of the Autobots. Magnobolt was still a little skeptical, so Sidestrike decided to bring him in front of Megatron who, at the time, was still in Paradon, leading the Decepticon forces into conquering the Paradon. As Sidestrike told Megatron about Magnabolt’s courage, the leader of the Decepticons decided to accept the new recruit into their ranks only if he can prove himself worthy to be called Decepticon.
Magnobolt’s mission was simple: take down an Autobot fort formed recently at the outskirts of Paradon, one that would not give up in front of the Decepticon opposing forces. Magnobolt find the mission easy.
He accepted the task, taking a small division of Decepticons with him. The next day, when Megatron thought that the poor Cybertronian died in the battle. However, Magnobolt returned together with less than half of the division, but with the head of the leader of the Autobot fort. Megatron smiled as he put his hand on Magnobolt’s shoulder, welcoming him in the Decepticon army.
Fifteen years have passed, and Magnobolt’s hate for the Autobots slowly started to cool down. His new teammates and brothers in arms took the place of his dead wife and friends. Magnobolt turned from the fanatic that would kill every Autobot that would cross his path into the wiser leader. He felt responsible for the fates of his comrades, and he would never allow to lose them too.
After a while, Magnobolt and his team signed up in one of Shockwave’s new programs. The one-eyed Decepticon wanted to try to form a newer, better and stronger Combiner team. At first, Magnobolt wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea, but he decided to give up when most of his teammates showed how much they were liking the idea. And so the five Decepticons became bounded, calling themselves Titan Squadron. Together they could form the big and ferocious Tyrannicus.

Voice: He sounds like Thanos which is voiced by Josh Brolin.



[details=Paradox]Name: Paradox

Titan Squadron: Interrogator

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: A car with a big gun on top which can be detached or reatached whenever Paradox feels like.

A fast stealth bomber jet.

(Both his car and jet mode share his color scheme and design.)

Combiner Component: Left arm.

Subtype: Trippel Changer and Combiner.

Weapons: Two powerful hand blasters.
A pulse rifle.

And his forearms are able to turn into two blades similar to those on TF Prime Arcee.

Abilities: Paradox has a shockwave attack. If his body is fully charged, he can create a shockwave with a radius of 15 meters that could severely damage a bot. However, it needs three posts to recharge.

Equipment: Communication device and explosive mines.

Personality: He is the serious one of the team. You will always see him working, trying to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible. However, after 15 years he grew close to his teammates, being the only ones able to make him crack a smile.

Bio: Paradox a former Cybertronian Gladiator in the Kaon Arena. Throughout his fighting days in the Arena, he adopted the name Paradox.
Before the Great War, he decided to retire and live his freedom, sadly that freedom did not last forever because the Great War happened. At first, Paradox was not interested in joining any side of the War, but as one might say the first casualty of War which dies is freedom and truth.
Lucky for him the Autobots were looking for any help they could get and by luck one might assume, the Autobots offered their proposition, to join their cause. After that he accepted.
It wouldn’t take long for Paradox to fit in and he was running through the Military Ranks fast.
Seeing that Paradox was more than a soldier, the leader of the Wreckers asked him if he wants to join the Wreckers. Telling him if he does so he’ll become more than just a soldier. Paradox accepts and right after, he began his hard training. It surely did prove a challenge but through time and skill he became one of the best Wreckers out there, he did many missions solo and team ones.

One day Paradox was needed to investigate a Decepticon facility located in Kaon, his home city. The place did not bring him found memories, Paradox was not a master at stealth so it wouldn’t take long for the Decepticons to find him after a few fights he soon finds out that Megatron was there, he did not hesitate and went for his head. Surprisingly for Paradox, he managed to hold his ground against Megatron and managed to outmaneuver him, but as he is dangerous he is deceptive and let Paradox “win”. He told him they were very interested in his kind of skill and that he is a former gladiator from the Pit of Kaon now that might just do. And so Megatron began explaining that the Autobots have lost their way and that they even don’t know what they are fighting for and that Paradox is for them another expendable soldier. But however, if he wanted Paradox could change that by joining the Decepticon cause as Megatron so friendly offered. For Paradox it was already too late, Megatron planted the seed of deception in him that was the final push, but the other reason as to why Paradox was considering this, it was because of his loss of freedom and brother and sisters, the War made no sense to him and the Autobots in his view use him as an expendable soldier and he had enough.

Paradox kneeled before Megatron and told him that he renounces being an Autobot and that his services and loyalty belongs to Megatron. Megatron warmly welcomed him but he had a task, and that was to strike the Wreckers when they did not expect it and after that, he’ll be needed to return. After a week, Paradox acted strangely around his friends they could feel something was off.
Paradox then decided to hijack the place with explosive around their Base, on his way he killed a few Wreckers and was about to detonate the bombs but a Wrecker tried to stop him, after a few moments of bickering the bomb activator got destroyed but Paradox manually detonated a few bombs causing explosions killing a few Wreckers and almost injuring his former-ex-leader, the Base was not beyond re-paring but it did set them back a bit from where they were. Paradox then ran away for a ship, the Wrecker wasn’t far behind and manage to enter the ship. They fought for a few minutes till the control panel got destroyed by The Wreckers killing attempt, the ship crash landed.
Paradox was a bit injured however the Wrecker died and immediately sent a homing beacon to Megatron and a Decepticon rescue party was sent, Megatron was pleased and he gratulated him and welcomed him again into the Decepticon ranks.

And so Paradox continued most of his days killing Autobots with no mercy, in his view, the Autobots betrayed him, after that he was informed about a combiner experiment Shockwave was doing. He volunteered because the others found that it was a great idea. The experiment was a success, they became brothers-in-arms though Paradox kept his past a secret from everyone.

Voice: He sounds like Kratos which is voiced by Christopher Judge


[details=Sidewire]Name: Sidewire

Titan Squadron: Munitions expert

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Decepticon

Appearance: His color is steel light tan.

Alt-mode: With his color scheme on.

Combiner Component: Right leg.

Subtype: Combiner.

Weapons: Two hand cannons.

One pulse rifle with a green laser dot.

And one energy sword.

Abilities: He has the ability to use a grappling hook.

Equipment: Communication device and ammo crates.

Personality: He is the chill and cool guy of the team. You will rarely see him fully serious, like the other members of his team. Even if he knows that so much talking will result in him losing his head, he won’t stop. He is always down for chit-chatting, talking, making jokes or messing around. Though he is that jockey, he is the specialist of the team when it comes of munition and weapons.

Bio: Before the Great War and all that crazy nonsense, Sidewire worked on the most famous Restaurant in Icon, called Maccadam’s. Which Maccadam himself accepted and hired Sidewire a long time ago. Sidewire had this hospitality which made the guests but to enjoy their time spent there. He was also known to be the drinking competitional guy, winning almost any contest of drinking, he enjoyed drinking and get himself drunk sometimes and also he was categorized as the Merc with the Mouth talking too much at once and not always the wisest things drinking and messing around was his specialty.
As the Great War broke, all hell went loose. Sidewire was not having it, the War meant nothing to him and he sometimes considered the Autobots to be hypocrites since they call themselves fighter of freedom and peace but how is what they are doing bringing peace and freedom? By killing the Decepticons? Sidewire has a totally different mentality than any other Cybertronian, the way he acts, talks and does things it’s unworldly to the others he was a strange dude for sure but a great guy to spend your time with.
It was either stupidity or boldness that one day a group of Cons and Autobots were fighting right outside at Maccadam’s this greatly angered Sidewire and stepped in and talked to them and shouted at them, thankfully the did not shot him. He told them to fight somewhere else and get there tailpipes away from Maccadam’s, they either drink something or leave and continue their war somewhere else.
The Autobots and Decepticons did not stop of course, why listen to a citizen? After that drama was done, Sidewire gave it some real thinking into his decision and simply said he wants to join the Decepticons, of course, he needed to prove himself but he did that and they accepted him.
And right off the bat he went training and showed a skill which matches his blabbering mouth that he is more like a mercenary and guy get the job done but with talk and style.
As he became a higher rank, he met a group of other Decepticons with different stories and perspectives about the War and how they see it, they were Magnobolt, Paradox, Techwarp, and Sidestrike which were assigned by Megatron to participate in Shockwave’s experiment and they soon became a team of a powerful combiner.
To Sidewire they were like his second family really, he loved to tease and mess around Paradox sometimes and chat about useless stuff with Sidestrike and train under Techwarp and appreciated that Magnobolt saw him differently and put his strange talents into very good use, overall for Sidewire the War started out great for him hope it will end for him good as it began.

Voice: His voice sounds like Deadpool from the X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse (2005) which was voiced by John Kassir.


[details=Techwarp]Name: Techwarp

Titan Squadron: Military Tactician Expert

Homeworld: Chaar

Faction: Decepticon

Appearance: Instead of the that navy blue it being replaced by dark gun metal grey.


Combiner Component: Left Leg

Subtype: Combiner

Weapons: A mace (Ignore Megatron)

One Assault Rifle.

And a pair of battle knuckle rings.

Abilities: Warrior Rage, if enraged enough on the battlefield he becomes slightly ferocious and dangerous in the battlefield.

Equipment: Communication device and grenades.

Personality: He is an expert tactician that thinks faster than a regular soldier. He is obsessed with getting his job done and you would often see him ranging into the battlefield, which gifted him the nickname of “The Mad Man”. He likes to do the messy jobs that the other Decepticons refuse.
At first, he didn’t like the idea of Magnobolt being the leader, but as years passed he learned to deal with it, even tho he thinks he would be a better leader.
He is intelligent, kind to his teammates, stern towards the other Decepticons and likes explosions and to blow things up.

Bio: Before the Great War Techwarp was an engineers and technicians. But when the Great War happened and all the tragedy his homeworld had to endure he joined the Decepticons mostly because out of fear and that fear was that he one day will fall and day by their hands, he didn’t want this. So he thought that joining the Decepticons was the best idea and made peace with his demons and learned to accept and believe in the Decepticon cause and soon after training he became a formidable warrior and a first line soldier which was always ready for battle.
After some long years he met Magnobolt and the others, at first glance he taught they were okay but his hate towards Magnobolt started to grow when he heard that Magnobolt would become the leader of the squadron.
And without a doubt, some heated tension started to grow between the two but in the end, Techwarp realized that Magnobolt was a better leader than he was and that he really doesn’t want to become a leader after all.
So he now respects Magnobolt as his leader and his fellow teammates, he too joined the so-called Combiner Science Experiment and become a combiner which together if all combined it would form Tyrannicus.

Voice: His voice sounds like Ironhide’s from the Bayverse which was voiced by Jess Harnell


[details=Sidestrike]Name: Sidestrike

Titan Squadron: Scientist and Air Officer

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Decepticon



Combiner Component: Left Arm

Subtype: Combiner

Weapons: One Hand Cannon:

One Machine Gun:

And two energy swords:

Abilities: He can fly in his robot mode just like he can fly in his jet mode. And he has two sound disruptors built into his forearms, able to temporary injure someone’s audio receptors and make them feel dizzy. However, the disruptor has its limits and need a cooldown of five posts. The effect wears off after two posts.

Equipment: Communication device, C4 and a detonator.

Personality: He is cunning like a viper, he uses the right moment to strike and he continuously is scanning you to find a weakness to best aid him in battle. He is the brain of the team. He will remain on the battlefield until the very last moment. If there is an aerial or space battle, be sure to see him ravaging the troops of the Autobots.
His tactic is simple: outsmart the opponent until you get enough data about him to knock him out.
He considers his teammates part of his family, despite the great differences between them all. He especially likes to hang out with Paradox and Sidewire.

Bio: Before the Great war Sidestrike was a Cybertronian Scientist and he loved his job and loved working with pieces of highly advanced technology.
He also tried to invent stuff om his own and try to overall better the Cybertronian Technology working with different varieties of technologies and tried to replicate techno-organics which was used during the Knights of Cybertron era.
However, he didn’t finish because the War broke and everything was a total mess, he didn’t take any side of the War and remained neutral but his curiosity got the best of him and soon discovered that the Decepticons had advanced technology and other stuff which greatly fascinated him.
Soon he too joined the Decepticons for selfish reasons but he grew to understand the Decepticon cause and became corrupted, thinking that the Decepticon way was the only way to true peace.
He became an air-space leading officer through other tasks he completed showing that flight was his true strength and one day in the attempt to capture Paradon he discovered Magnobolt and soon befriended him and rest was history.
As he heard about a Combiner Experiment, Sidestrike was thrilled he did his best to build the foundations and help Shockwave out.
And crazy as he was now, he joined that experiment, he was surprised to see Magnobolt, Techwarp, Siderwire and Paradox his friends join.
The experiment was a success and now he mostly spends his time in the laboratory, on flight mission or sometimes chills with Paradox and Sidewire.

Voice: His voice sounds like Wheeljack’s from the TF Prime show which was voiced by James Horan.


And now their combined form. One warning though…I only ask to bear with me since this will take a lot of imagination to understand what I’m about to say to you right now.

[details=Tyrannicus]Name: Tyrannicus

Titan Squadron: The Combiner

Faction: Decepticon

Appearance: Magnobolt transforms into the torso which looks a bit similar to Bruticus and its a blueish purple color as his color scheme.

The head is a hybrid between Bruticus and Fera Rex’s head, meaning the structure of the head is Bruticus’s but has the visor and mouth plate of Feral Rex with Feral Rex’s horn pieces and he also has Bruticus’s shoulder cannons.

Tyrannicus also has a set of wide beautiful wings like Feral Rex.

Paradox is the left arm, which is red and has no helicopter propellers and looks more like Paradox’s body so I say try to use your imagination and imagine it.

Sidewire is the right leg, which looks a bit similar with Bruticus’s right leg in the picture but there is a difference as bits of Sidewire’s vehicle shows forming the foot and its color is steel light tan brown as his color scheme in robot mode.

Techwarp is the left leg he has no tank barrel sticking out, though bits of Techwarp’s tank mode can be seen as it forms the foot and its dark green like his color scheme.

Sidestrike is the right arm, try to imagine him transforming into an arm as Sidestrike’s wings form some of the forearms instead of Blast Off’s spikes and its navy blue with gold like Sidestrike’s color.

Weapons: His Giant Broadsword is heavy and only he or another strong Combiner can hold it and proper wield it, it does significant damage, being stronger and heavier it can slash through metal with ease.

A big powerful forearm cannon:

It is a formediable cannon which can blast armored tanks if shot more than just a few times and can deal damage towards altirary cannons and can damage a ship if aimed correctly though it would not destroy a ship immediately, it would take more than a few well placed to destroy a normal size ship against a warship no no chances maybe a scratch but no more.

Abilities: Since he is freaking big, he very strong and a force not to be messing with.
He has Paradox’s shockwave ability, which is stronger and can deal more damage then before, you’ll need to watch out, though it’s not deadly if you are not careful you may lose a limb it takes six posts to charge up again.
Now the funny thing is this dude can fly, believe it or not, he uses his wings and booster in his foot, calves and back, they are big and strong enough to support him in the air, though he is not as fast as a jet, he moves faster as a giant combiner could.

Personality: Tyrannicus combines the five teammates best traits into the best personality, meaning he is dangerous and thoughtful in battle, he can speak full words and actually talk about science and makes jokes while in battle.
What makes him so dangerous is that he can be unpredictable, and if he is set on a mission or objective by Megatron himself he’ll stop at nothing to see the mission a complete success.
But he is not unstoppable, though you would have to hit him with everything you got to put him down he is one mean combiner and he will fight till the end.
To beat him you must think your way into doing it not just simply go bashing swords against him and hope for the best.

Bio: When Titan Squadron deems it is really necessary to combine into Tyrannicus, then they will do it, however, if there is a direct order at them to combine then expect no hesitation from them-

Voice: His voice is robotically distorted (so there is a difference between transformer voices and human voices) and sounds like Keith David which he took the role of voicing an alien in the Halo Franchise.


Alright hope you enjoy my characters and I hope I didn’t break any rules or did something too op.

Pictures: All the pictures don’t belong to me, they belong to their respective owners. I simply took these pictures from this site called Pinterest here is a link if anyone is interested:■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■|guide|word|2


This would be difficult to enforce. What about three posts, instead?

Again, “ten seconds” could be hard to enforce. What about five-or-six posts, instead?

Also, what if the effect wore off after two posts, as opposed to three?

Let’s tone this down just a bit.

I’m totally not suggesting that because one of the villains is an armored tank or anything


I remember you told me everything was fine, remember? I mean, I’m just saying…

Yeah sure, hold on a minute.

Alright; lemme know when you’re done.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Are you good with how Pixel is right now? If so, I’ll add you to the confirmed players list.

@Chromeharpoon are they cool now?

Just change this to six posts, and you’re good! Titan Squadron is approved!

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