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He will. Forcep’s obligated to treat anybody who needs his help, regardless if he cares for them or not.


I made this artwork a while back. If someone here would like to use they can.


Name: Spectrum
Appearance: A cluster of several steel blocks, interconnected by a salmon/pink colored glow. One block for a head, two horizontally for the chest, one for the waist, three for the arms and legs. The feet have a little extension representing “toes” for balance, and the hands can disconnect and the tip to form “fingers.” Her pink eyes are made of small squares that blink and flicker into expression. Her voice is also very glitchy.
Alt Modes: Spectrum can scan objects around her and transform into a miniature version of them. She can remember two at a time in addition to her robot mode. Every time she wants a new one she must delete an old one.
Weapons: None, unless she transforms into an alt mode with weaponry. She does have the ability to transform her hands into medical tools.
Bio: Spectrum is Pixel’s sister. As he was partnered with the warrior, she was commissioned as an assistant to the field doctor, hence her medical tools. She is kind, as well as slightly mischevious.

I did go over this with @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister and he okayed it. I also took some stuff from Pixel’s bio, because i don’t think i could have worded it any better than that.
Again, that was okayed. So. Hope this works.


0/10 her name isn’t Pixie. I can’t accept this.

I kid, of course. I love it. She’s accepted.


Updated character sheets.

Allied NPCs

[details=Topside- Autobot captain]Name: Topside

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Autobot


Topside has an overall appearance similar to Universe Macro, with the colors of Override GTS:

Alt-mode: Cybertronian sports car

Weapons: Topside wields a neutron assault rifle and a large energon greatsword.

Bio: A renowned naval captain chosen to be Salvation’s Autobot head for his accomplishments in battle. However, the monumental stakes of this mission weigh heavily upon him. He tries to hide this from the crew- leaders need to be strong, right? His more laid-back personality and leadership style clashes somewhat with his Decepticon counterpart’s way of doing things, which only adds to the animosity between the two. [/details]

[details=■■■■■■■■■■■■- Decepticon captain]Name: ■■■■■■■■■■■■

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Clemency


Alt-mode: Terran luxury car

Weapons: ■■■■■■■■■■■■ wears a pair of Nucleon Shock Gauntlets (modified to conduct electricity, in addition to their usual capabilities), and carries a beam cannon over his right shoulder.

Bio: the snide and reserved co-captain of the Salvation, chosen to represent the Decepticons aboard the ship. He prefers to run a tight ship, so the chaos that naturally comes with a vessel like Salvation is very irksome to him. Like many Decepticons, he is still learning how to properly work with his Autobot enemies, overcoming his prejudices for the good of Cybertron. This… hasn’t been easy for him, and his stoic and uptight nature clashes with Topside’s personality and leadership style, which only makes things harder for him.[/details]

[details=Motherboard- First Officer, among other positions]Name: Motherboard

Homeworld: Cybertron

Faction: Decepticon

Appearance: TFP Soundwave, with black armor and electric blue lights in lieu of the violet ones.

Alt-mode: Cybertronian reconnaissance drone.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Motherboard’s neural net is connected to Salvation’s computers, allowing her to control many of the Fleetcarrier’s systems, such as her weapons. On her person, she carries two pistols and can reform her hands into sharp, slender blades.

Bio: Motherboard’s processor has been augmented to grant her a connection to many of Salvation’s systems, and she uses this connection to help the crew run the massive Fleetcarrier. She seems to be almost entirely void of emotion, though whether that’s a side-effect of her upgrades or not is unknown. She often comes across as cold, unapproachable, and a little creepy to most, but she’s here to save Primus like most everyone else aboard ship.[/details]

[details= Broadband- communications]Name: Broadband

Faction: Autobot

Homeworld: Conventus

Appearance: IDW Strafe:

-with the colors of Energon Towline:

Alt-mode: Terran communications van.

Weapons: A heavy plasma cannon and a hammer in each forearm.

Bio: the chatty and quick-witted Broadband serves as the communications officer aboard Salvation. Managing communications aboard such a massive ship is no easy feat, but Broadband gets it done, still finding time to dish out an endless battery of quips and pop-culture references for every almost situation.[/details]

[details=Flyby and Brakeswitch- pilot, navigator]Names: Flyby, Brakeswitch

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearances: Flyby resembles Titans Return Brainstorm, with the head of Shuffler, and a blue and white color scheme.

Brakeswitch resembles TR Arcee, with a white and blue color scheme.

Alt-modes: Flyby transforms into a Cybertronian jet, Brakeswitch turns into a Cybertronian sports car.

Weapons: Flyby wields a laser rifle and possesses two plasma blasters in his alt-mode. Brakeswitch wields two machine pistols that fire hard-light projectiles, and has uncanny navigational skills.

Bio: twins Flyby and Brakeswitch serve as the pilot and navigator for Salvation, respectively. Despite their… peculiarities… you won’t find any other Decepticons better suited for the task. The twins had a brief career aboard the Nemesis, which ended after Flyby attempted an insane maneuver that nearly crashed the flagship of the Decepticon navy. They were swiftly imprisoned, and might have been executed had Salvation’s mission not called for a pair of skilled and unorthodox bots to guide her through the unknown regions of the galaxy. [/details]

[details=Forcep- Chief Medical Officer]Name: Forcep

Faction: none

Homeworld: Paradon


Universe Anomaly, however with a black and cyan color scheme with yellow highlights. A red cross can also be seen on his right shoulder.

Alt-mode: Cybertronian ambulance.

Weapons: none. He does, however, possess a myriad of medical equipment built into his forearms.

Bio: a pacifist hailing from Paradon, Forcep’s proficiency in the field of medicine is nearly unrivaled, second only to the Autobot surgeon Ratchet. Though the atrocities of the Great War have turned him jaded and misanthropic, he will still offer his skills to any in need, regardless of faction.[/details]

[details=Sprocket and Grommet- Science Officers]Names: Sprocket, Grommet

Homeworlds: Sprocket hails from Hecate, Grommet is a Chaaran.

Factions: Sprocket is an Autobot, Grommet is a Decepticon.

Sprocket resembles Dropkick from the Bumblebee movie, however with a predominantly dark brown color scheme with green accents. His eyes are yellow, and the lights that flash over his “mouth” when he talks are red and white.

Grommet resembles Universe Contagion, with Oil-slick’s colors.

Alt-modes: Sprocket is a triple-changer, possessing the alt-modes of a Terran attack helicopter and and muscle car. Grommet transforms into a Cybertronian armored car.

Weapons: Sprocket wields a plasma cannon in robot mode, and a machine gun and two missile pods in his helicopter form. The two tanks on Grommet’s back contain ammunition for his two Corrosive Slime Cannons, stowed in his forearms.

Bio: Sprocket and Grommet were each chosen by their respective factions to head the Salvation’s scientific endeavors during its voyage. The two have discovered that it will be an arduous task working together, as they cannot stand each other. Sprocket has an awkward and geeky personality, and studies the ancient technologies lost after the end of the Golden Age, while Grommet takes his role as a cybertronian biologist with deathly seriousness.[/details]

Greasemonkey- Chief Engineer

Name: Greasemonkey

Faction: Autobot

Homeworld: Cybertron

Subtype: techno-organic

Appearance: Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal, however with a white and red color scheme (white as the primary, red as the secondary). In lieu of a mouth, he has a dark grey plate covering most of the lower part of his face, and his right eye is much larger than his left, blue, and telescopic.

Alt-mode: an ape-like creature. In both beast mode and robot mode, some of his red fur can be observed to be gradually graying, due to his age.

Weapons: Greasemonkey is often found with a long, black cane, which can transform into a gauss rifle when needed.

Bio: a colleague of the Autobot scientist Wheeljack, Greasemonkey’s position as the Salvation’s chief engineer was warranted by the many experimental technologies included in her retrofit provided by the Autobots. The reclusive and antisocial cyborg is the oldest bot the ship, at over 79,000 years, but he has aged gracefully and won’t let his elderly body keep him from his duties. He can often be found tinkering, and might even prefer the company of non-sentient machines to his fellow autonomous robotic organisms.[/details]

[details=Thrift]Name: Thrift of the Rings

Titles: Vorn 9, Cycle 82’s Master of the Air Guitar; the Hero of Junkheap’s Gorge; All-time Multidimensional DDR Champion… the list goes on.

Faction: not applicable. Some might say I have commitment issues; I prefer to call myself free-spirited

Homeworld: Junkion, and proud of it!


This old concept art for movie Bumblebee, however with the colors of 2007’s Salvage:

(I know, I am the very image of male cybertronian beauty. Try not to swoon, please.)

Alt-modes: Having one alt-mode is rather limiting, I’ve discovered, and so I went under the knife to make myself a triple-changer. My first alt-mode is a glitchin’ terran muscle car. The second is a flying vehicle similar in appearance to Thrilling 30 Sandstorm’s:

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: in robot mode, I can reform his right forearm into a gauss cannon, and my forearm guards can deploy stinger blades:

My VTOL mode also possesses a chin-mounted mini-gun and missile launchers. Though I am a man of peace at spark, a traveler must be aware of the many dangers in the galaxy and arm himself for defense against them,

I travel the endless sea of stars in the Gambler, a humble craft built by yours truly. She’s not much, but I owe a lot to her.

The Gambler’s equipped with two manipulator arms (possessing cutting lasers) near the front end, and a crane in the back- necessary items for procuring and handling cargo- cargo for which my girl has a surprising amount of space to hold. In the off-chance I find myself pursued, I’ve equipped her with a… okay, _shoddy _active camouflage system (sadly, military-grade stealth-tech is valued at a price far above my income), and a payload of thermal mines. Like most spacecraft, she possesses a Quantum Drive for FTL travel.

Bio: I was born in the rings around my home-planet, surviving the roaming packs of savage cannibals long enough to make planetfall and join up with a crew of… freelance cargo runners. Eventually, through events too epic to describe in summary, I struck out on my own, building the Gambler and taking off in search of adventure throughout the galaxy. I’ve found it many times over; I’ve seen things no other cybertronian eye alive has seen, escaped dangers that have killed better men than I, and through it all have amassed a collection of rare and wondrous curious which can easily be yours, for the right price. These days I hang around hangar thirty on Salvation most of the time, and my proverbial doors are almost always open for business. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

[details= Facelift]Name: Facelift

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Hecate

Appearance: Animated Shockwave:

…With the colors of SDCC 2013 Shockwave:

Alt-mode: Cybertronian tank.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: an electromagnetic cannon and a swath of tools fit for surgery and cold construction in his forearms.

Bio: Like your typical Hecatian, Facelift views the Cybertronian body like a living work of art… one which he enjoys picking apart and adding his own “touches” to. Formerly a medic- until he abused the position one too many times in pursuit of his true passion- Facelift has somehow found his way aboard the Salvation, and offers his skills in experimental, illegal, and oftentimes not without risk bodily modifications to the crew, albeit for a price.[/details]

[details=Salvo]Name: Salvo

Faction: Autobot

Homeworld: Gigantion

Subtype: Minicon

Appearance: Salvo resembles Cybertron Overide, albeit with alt-mode kibble more befitting of a Cybertronian half-track, and a color scheme similar to Kappa Supreme.

Salvo also possesses an artillery platform that she can combine with to form a larger robot resembling Omega Supreme, however with the more “feminine” build/proportions of Pacific Rim Uprising’s Saber Athena. This mech also bears Kappa Supreme’s livery.

Alt-mode: Salvo transforms into a Cybertronian half-track, and the mech transforms into a mobile weapons platform similar in design to Halo Wars 2’s Locust.

Weapons: the claw in lieu of the mech’s right hand contains a beam weapon built into its “palm”, and the left forearm can transform into a riot cannon. A machine gun turret adorns each of her fins, and missile launchers can deploy over her shoulders. In vehicle mode, Salvo’s half-track possesses a projectile cannon.

Bio: a heavy weapons specialist who volunteered herself to serve as a test subject for a prototype of the weapons systems of Kappa Supreme, Salvo sells weaponry to her shipmates aboard Salvation. She is a formidable combatant, and has served on the front lines in some of the worst battles of the war. She has a tough, no-nonsense personality, in addition to a general suspicion of Decepticons, and crossing her would be most unwise.[/details]

[details=Halfrunner]Name: Halfrunner

Faction: none

Homeworld: Antilla

Appearance: Universe Ripraw, however his armor is predominantly black, and the flames are crimson in color.


This, but with the colors described above.

Weapons: an X12 Scrapmaker in his right forearm and two Path Blasters.

Bio: a friendly Antillian happy to see everyone at least pretending to get along again, Halfrunner spent the last five hundred years far from the war as part of a migrant fleet. Now aboard Salvation, he runs a small establishment he’s set up in the Fleetcarrier’s main hangar. All are welcome, provided things don’t get too rowdy.[/details]

[details=Lurch]Name: Lurch

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearance: Universe Drive-by, however all the red is replaced with a deep violet color.

Alt-mode: Cybertronian luxury car.

Weapons: two shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and a plasma blaster in each forearm. He can also deploy sharp claws from his fingertips.

Bio: though forced to work alongside the Autobots for the time being, Lurch refuses to set his prejudices aside for the greater good. The snobbish Decepticon runs a pretentious watering hole aboard the Salvation, competing mainly with Halfrunner’s establishment and attracting other folks as unpleasant as he. He used to be a spy for the Decepticons, answering directly to Soundwave, but he suffered a severe injury which has kept him out of action since, and now all he can do is serve drinks and spout Decepticon propaganda. No doubt this contributes to his bitterness.[/details]

[details=Shockwave]Name: Shockwave

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: a cybertronian tank.

Weapons: Shockwave has replaced his left hand with a massive cannon reverse-engineered from Golden Age-era weaponry. The hyperflux cannon fires blasts of energy that create miniature black holes upon impact, ripping apart their targets. The cannon also generates an energy shield around Shockwave when charging. The cyclops also boasts immense physical strength.

Bio: Shockwave is the Decepticon Empire’s head scientist, and the most brilliant mind on Cybertron today. Versed in many scientific disciplines, the cyclops has developed many of the weapons and technological advancements that continue to give the Decepticons an edge over the Autobots. He was captured by Bludgeon to do the same for him, but our heroes recently rescued Shockwave and brought him aboard Salvation. Deducing aiding his rescuers as the most logical course of action, Shockwave will now use his intellect in service of our heroes in any way possible.[/details]

[details=Deus]Name: Deus ex Machina (“Deus”, for short)

Faction: neutral

Appearance: Deus is a tall, lanky bot with a physique similar to that of a Geth Prime from the Mass Effect trilogy.

His armor is a patchwork of colors- mostly earth tones- and some of his body’s interior mechanisms are exposed on his abdomen and limbs.

Alt-mode: none. Scans done by Forcep indicate that, while he does possess a transformation cog, Deus has no alternate mode at the moment.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Deus has a modified Nucleon Charge rifle built into his left shoulder, but he cannot use it. He possesses no built-in weaponry at the present time, but he does have a enhanced physical strength and, like a junkion, he can endure pain and injury to a greater extent than most.

Deus also understands the ancient language of cyberglyphics, thanks to the Golden Age-era technologies that comprise part of his body. It is currently unknown whether or not said technology grants him other abilities, as well.

Bio: Deus was created rather recently during a battle between our heroes and a particularly bothersome mechanimal. The Hot Spot Cube imbued a random collection of ancient artifacts and lab equipment from Sprocket’s laboratory, and cobbled it together into a newborn cybertronian. Deus is mute, though he can express himself in writing and has demonstrated an understanding of neocybex. Though somewhat simple-minded, he is also very thoughtful, curious, and kind-hearted (kind-sparked?).[/details]

[details=Insecticon Warrior]Classification: Insecticon warrior

Faction: none



Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Insecticon warriors are endowed with great strength, and fight using their sharp claws and teeth. In robot mode, they possess a smaller, secondary set of arms adorned with razor-sharp blades; in beast mode, they can deploy plasma cannons from their horns.

Bio: on an earlier adventure, our heroes encountered a dying insecticon hive, trapped on an uncharted world after the end of the Golden Age. When the heroes helped the hive with their plight, the queen showed her gratitude by sending her strongest warriors to aid Salvation on her quest. These warriors are descended from insecticon breeds long-thought to be extinct in the Imperium of Cybertron, and have sworn to put their formidable might to use in service of our heroes and their most important mission.[/details]


[details=Bludgeon]Name: Bludgeon

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Caelum

Appearance: a towering and imposing cybertronian, resembling his ROTF voyager toy, albeit with more “alien” alt-mode kibble.

Alt-mode: Cybertronian heavy tank.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Bludgeon carries a long Energon greatsword similar in design to an ōdachi, and a dagger bearing resemblance to a wakizashi. The blades of these two swords can heat up to extreme temperatures to facilitate slicing through opponents, and they can combine into a single dual-bladed weapon.

Within each of Bludgeon’s forearms are stored purple energy swords that can spin at high speeds to block incoming attacks and deal more damage.

He also carries an electric cannon, which wreaks havoc upon the systems of any unfortunate soul on its receiving end- the initial shot is punishing enough, however the violent electric shocks afterward can short out weapons systems, impede motor and transformation functions, and generally ruin a bot’s day.

In tank mode, Bludgeon’s main turret sports a fusion cannon, and attached to it are two ionic pulse launchers, which fire pulse missiles that create seismic waves upon detonation. In both forms, his armor is reinforced with a cybertanium alloy, making him remarkably resistant to damage.

Bio: an adherent the Cybertronian combat discipline of Metallikato, Bludgeon devotedly follows to its ancient spiritual teachings, believing it his destiny to become the successor to the “Ultimate Warrior” of legend who supposedly created it To this end, he sees himself as above even Megatron, and plans to usurp him as the Emperor of Destruction. He covets the power of the Omega Lock described in cybertronian lore; with divine power at his fingertips, surely nothing can stand between him and his perceived destiny. Despite his treacherous ambitions and warped perception of the cybertronian faith, Bludgeon himself still holds Metallikato’s code of honor as sacred- twisted though his interpretation of it may be. Perhaps our heroes can exploit this in their efforts to thwart his schemes…


[details=Banzaitron]Name: Banzaitron

Faction: Decepticon, by little more than association

Homeworld: Junkion

Appearance: G1 Banzaitron’s timelines toy.

Alt-mode: a terran spacefighter, akin to Titans Return Trigger-happy’s alt-mode.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Banzaitron is a student in seven cybertronian martial arts- though not a true master in any of them, this makes any close-quarters engagement with him rather perilous. For melee combat, Banzaitron wields two katana-like blades, the edges of which can be coated in plasma increase their lethality.

Banzaitron also carries four ion blasters on his person that he can use in both modes. His jet mode is also equipped with two additional electromagnetic cannons and missiles. He has recently acquired a pet mechanimal crab named Razor-sharp, who transforms into a semi-automatic rifle which fires explosive bolts of plasma.

Bio: though he often wears the mask of a cold and reserved warrior, Banzaitron’s pride and arrogance always shine through the facade, eventually. Once a competent mercenary in the beginning of the War, Bludgeon has since taken Banzaitron under his wing, and he has become the lord’s apprentice. He has not inherited his master’s dogmatic disposition, and isn’t opposed to fighting dirty to best his opponents.[/details]

[details=Thunderblast]Name: Thunderblast

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Hecate

Appearance: Cybertron Thunderblast’s toy, though all the kibble on her back forms something of a cloak, rather than just hanging off her the way it does. The grey bits are also more silver in color.

Alt-mode: a Cybertronian fighter jet, akin to WFC Slipstream’s alt-mode.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: in robot mode, Thunderblast wields a Thermo Rocket Cannon, which can also transform to fire a foldspace warhead. Her forearms can reconfigure into subsonic repeaters, and compartments in her arms hold a pair of sharp daggers.

Credit to artist Isaac Rinzuala. The hilt and guards are purple, with gold accents. The blade is silver in color, and all the lights are yellow, rather than blue.

In vehicle mode, Thunderblast can make use of the Thermo Rocket Cannon, along with a single plasma blaster under the craft’s nose.

Bio: In the vein of other “opportunistic” Decepticons such as Starscream, Thunderblast craves power and influence, and isn’t above backstabbing and other forms of foul play to facilitate her rise through the ranks of the Decepticon Empire. Her habit for manipulation, deceit and treachery borders on a pathological need, almost. She’s joined forces with Bludgeon, seeing the arrangement as a chance for her to jump up a few more rungs on the hierarchical ladder. A betting mech could safely place a few thousand shanix that Bludgeon could very well find himself on the end of her blades if he isn’t careful…


[details=Obsidian]Name: Obsidian

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearance: Obsidian has recently acquired a near-complete overhaul to his body, and now resembles Mastermind Creations’s Oberon, sporting a predominantly black color scheme.

Alt-mode: a cybertronian attack helicopter similar to the picture below.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: Obsidian’s vehicle mode is equipped with a chin-mounted rotary cannon and a missile pod under each wing. The launchers are available to him in robot mode, as well, and can dispense a variety of projectiles. Obsidian’s forearms can also deploy gattling guns when in robot mode. His turbines can generate gale-force winds and house powerful energy cannons, as well. Obsidian is isn’t a physically strong adversary like Bludgeon or Strika, and so he prefers to keep his foes at a distance. However, his hands can transform into drills which he can use to strike devastating blows against enemies who get too close for comfort.

Bio: an infamous Decepticon general with a peculiar sense of loyalty, Obsidian dedicates himself to the defense of Cybertron and her colonies, having joined the Decepticons purely because of their superior military power at the time. He has come to believe that aligning himself with Bludgeon is in the best interest of Cybetron’s future, in spite of his resentment of the lord. He is cold, pragmatic, and a master tactician.[/details]

[details=Strika]Name: Strika

Faction: Decepticon

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearance: having recently acquired several extensive augmentations, Strika now resembles Mastermind Creations’ Titanika.

Alt-mode: a massive, six-wheeled cybertronian attack vehicle.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: In robot mode, Strika can transform her forearms into fusion cannons, not unlike the singular one Megatron carries on his arm. She also carries two heavy assault rifles, which fire bolts of molten metal at enemies, and can deploy rocket launchers over each of her shoulders. For melee combat, Strika can deploy maces over her hands, augmenting her already devastating blows. She possesses immense strength and resistance to damage rivaled by almost no-one else her size, and has been known to survive attacks that by rights ought to have killed her.

In her new vehicle mode, Strika wields a deadly energy cannon that is similar in design to Salvation’s warp cannon- suggesting that Bludgeon’s spy has provided our heroes’ enemies with an alarming amount of information. Strika can also utilize her rocket launchers in vehicle mode, as well.

Bio: many have made the grave mistake of underestimating Strika’s intelligence from her brutish form, but in truth she is one of the most brilliant Decepticon minds on the battlefield. While her frequent partner Obsidian prefers to hover above the carnage and strike from afar, Strika charges fearlessly alongside the forces she commands into the thick of combat. Strika aims to thoroughly crush her opponents, refusing to accept anything less as a true victory for the Decepticons.[/details]

[details=Lockdown]Name: Lockdown

Faction: Lockdown’s allegiance lies with the highest bidder. Currently, that is Bludgeon.

Homeworld: unknown.

Appearance: AOE Lockdown. He stands twenty-two feet tall in robot mode.

Alt-mode: a luxurious human car. Not very practical, maybe, but very aesthetically pleasing.

Weapons, abilities, and equipment: various. Lockdown is notorious for stealing weapons that strike his fancy from his quarries, and he has amassed a vast and varied arsenal over the course of his career. Lockdown is also known to collect the eyes of his quarries as trophies, and always keeps some of his collection secured on his left hip.

Lockdown’s ship, the Death’s Head, is a fair-sized, well-armed vessel that the mercenary uses to travel the cosmos, and to hold his growing collection of weaponry and… other mementos from his bounties. Lockdown has synced the Death’s Head’s weapons with his own targeting system, allowing him fire them remotely while on the battlefield. He does this rarely, however, as its hardly sporting.

Bio: the infamous bounty hunter and mercenary Lockdown has made quite the name for himself over the five hundred years the Great War has raged. His skills are second to none, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the galaxy he won’t put them to use for… so long as the price is right, of course. Lockdown cares truly for only two things in all the universe: himself, and the thrill of the hunt. The pay is just an added bonus. Cold, without mercy, and a touch sadistic, there’s little an unfortunate soul who finds himself his target can do, other than make their peace with the universe before he finds them.[/details]

[details=Mooks][details=Ground Troopers]Classification: Ground Trooper

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Ground Troopers transform into cybertronian SUVs, and can also assume a tertiary “attack mode” using Stealth Force technology, in which the car transforms into a hover vehicle.

Weapons: Ground Troopers carry photon burst rifles fitted with energy bayonets as their primary weapon, and are also equipped with plasma grenades. Their attack mode affords them higher mobility, and is armed with twin machine guns atop the hood of the car and grenade launchers situated above the rear wheels.

Bio: Ground Troopers are the rank-and-file of Bludgeon’s infantry. A single Trooper isn’t much of a threat, but in groups, or as support for more powerful allies, they can overwhelm and dispatch their foes.[/details]

[details=Air Troopers]Classification: Air Trooper

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Air Troopers transform into cybertronian jets like the ones pictured above, built for speed and maneuverability.

Weapons: in robot mode, Air Troopers wield photon burst rifles fitted with energy bayonets, and can also fire missiles from their forearms. Their jet modes are also armed with missiles, along with plasma blasters under their wings.

Bio: where the Ground Troopers comprise the bulk of Bludgeon’s ground forces, the Air Troopers form the majority of his airborne ranks. In combat, they focus on chasing down and eliminating aerial hostiles, and strafing enemy troops on the ground, occasionally assuming robot mode to support their land-based counterparts.[/details]

[details=Heavy Ground Troopers]Classification: Heavy Ground Trooper

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Heavy Ground Troopers transform into cybertronian tanks.

Weapons: in both robot and vehicle mode, Heavy Ground Troopers can utilize a large and powerful plasma cannon, crowning their turrets in tank mode, and extending from their backs in robot mode. When in robot mode, Heavy Ground Troopers can deploy scrapmaker miniguns and hammers from their forearms.

Bio: possessing tough armor and great physical strength, Heavy Ground Troopers rely on their might, not numbers, to combat their enemies. They will typically try to make ranged attacks on their foes, but are more than capable of holding their own if their targets decide to get up close and personal.[/details]

[details=Heavy Air Troopers]Classification: Heavy Air Troopers

Faction: Decepticon


Weapons: in vehicle mode, Heavy Air Troopers can drop explosive payloads on their targets, but have no other weapons to speak of, relying on allies for support. In robot mode, Heavy Air Troopers wield heavy pistols, and carry a massive rocket launcher over their right shoulders.

Bio: Heavy Air Troopers provide support to Bludgeon’s ground forces, and are almost always accompanied by units of other types. Their lack of armaments in vehicle mode makes them vulnerable to attack, though they can put up more of a fight in robot mode.[/details]

[details=Sharpshooters]Classification: Sharpshooter

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Sharpshooters transform into VTOL aircraft similar in design to Halo’s Wasp.

Weapons: In robot mode, Sharpshooter’s carry the deadly Nucleon Charge Rilfe- a sniper rifle with an impressive range that can pierce through most cybertronian armors- and an energon pistol. They also carry knives.

In vehicle mode, Sharpshooters are armed with missile launchers and laser beam emitters.

Bio: Sharpshooters are designed to take out their targets from afar- physically, they are the weakest of Bludgeon’s forces, and can be quickly dispatched in melee combat. They will endeavor to keep their enemies at range, however, where their weapons are quite effective.[/details]

[details=Chem-troopers]Classification: Chem-trooper

Faction: Decepticon



Weapons: Chem-troopers carry corrosive slime cannons, which shoot globs of viscous liquid that quickly rusts and eats away at the armor of enemies. This weapon forms the barrel of their vehicle mode’s cannon.

Bio: Chem-troopers are commonly seen accompanying other units on the battlefield. Their weapons are deadly against ground targets, but are ineffective against airborne attackers. Chem-troopers have tough armor that allows them to shrug off attacks that would normally severely injure or outright kill their fellows- the tanks on their backs, however, which carry the ammunition for their slime cannons, are more vulnerable.[/details]

[details=Mercenaries]Classification: Mercenary

Faction: none


Alt-modes: mercenaries commonly transform into ATVs equipped with machine guns, or attack helicopters armed with miniguns and missile launchers. Some are triple-changers, and can transform into both.

Weapons: in addition to those listed above, Mercenaries wield a variety of weapons in robot mode, such as neutron assault rifles, scatterblaster shotguns, rocket launchers, and energon swords. Some are also equipped with active camouflage technology, rendering them almost invisible to the naked optic.

Bio: to bolster his troops, Bludgeon has hired hired hundreds of cybertronian mercenaries with the aid of Lockdown and Banzaitron. Motivated by the gracious payment being offered to them, they are skilled fighters and challenging opponents.[/details]

[details=Grenadiers]Classification: Grenadier

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Grenadiers transform into speedy cybertronian jets.

Weapons: in robot mode, Grenadiers are armed with twin grenade launchers stowed in each forearm. Originally designed to dispense plasma grenades, technologies acquired by the Heretics have yielded modifications to the launchers that allow them to fire two more types of explosives: Dark Energon Grenades, infused with the Blood of Unicron, exude a foul aura upon detonation that nauseates and fatigues targets. Energon Grenades, however, produce a healing aura that can repair most injuries short of a severed limb.

For melee combat, Grenadiers can deploy sharp blades from their forearms. In vehicle mode, they are armed with missile launchers, their warheads carrying similar munitions to their grenades.

Bio: Grenadiers have a simple role on the battlefield: they blow stuff up. Buildings, people- you name it, and they’re quite good at their job. They will try to keep their targets at a distance, but their blades and armor are not just for show- they can hold their own against a single opponent, but groups of attackers can overwhelm them.[/details]

[details=Berserkers]Classification: Berserker

Faction: Decepticon


Alt-mode: Berserkers transform into fast cybertronian sports cars, armed with blasters on the sides.

Weapons: The blasters the Berserkers use in vehicle mode fire Dark Energon-based projectiles, which damage and fatigue enemies. In robot mode, they wield double-barreled plasma cannons and subsonic repeater SMGs. Their sharp claws are also good for tearing through armor.

Bio: against the wishes of Bludgeon, Thunderblast and Lockdown have injected some of the Heretics’ troops with Dark Energon, creating the Berserkers. The Blood of Unicron grants the Berserkers regenerative powers, but the more injuries they sustain, and the more the rely upon Dark Energon to keep themselves alive, the more they lose themselves to rage and bloodlust, until they become animalistic savages that are just as likely to attack allies as well as enemies. They typically attack by charging headlong at their foes.[/details]


Dropships are the primary means of transport for squadrons of Heretic soldiers, ferrying them from their warships to the battlefield. They are armed with plasma cannons and turrets on their sides manned by soldiers, and their armor is impervious to the weapons our heroes carry. Their engines, however, are a viable weakpoint, along with their weapons.[/details]

[details=Siege Walkers]

Siege Walkers are giant mechs utilized by the Heretics, piloted by a Ground Trooper seated in the vehicle’s chest area. In robot mode, it carries a massive, four-barreled fusion cannon and has sharp claws. In vehicle mode, the mech deploys two automatic plasma cannons, in addition to the fusion cannon. The Siege Walker’s armor is nigh-impervious to conventional weapons, though its joints and cockpit are viable weak points.[/details][/details]

Aw man
I tried to think of a similar name.
Though i think Spectrum works well.

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You guys can move Juliana’s body around like an object for now, I’ll wake her when I’m ready.

Sleep and unconciousness are the RPers go-to when they don’t want to do anything.

Nah, It’s just I’m waiting for an opportune time for her to wake up.

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I don’t want to come in, but Redstocker shot her in the waste. Even a really life bullet would be strong enough to set a person unconscious till the wound is fully healed, let a lone a freaking laser. I would not condemn you if you would wake her up before her wound would get healed, but I think would make more sense if you would do it after a full healing.

That was my thought actually.

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Will we ever see a character sheet for Deus?

Once I’m able to edit posts again, I’ll see about putting in sheets for him and Shockwave.

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brute force it, that’s how I’ve been editing my posts, just reload till it works


Heads up: I won’t be active much today.


Oh, okay, this makes a lot more sense. I had always assumed the park was its own thing somewhere. Thanks for clearing it up!

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No problem. Another one of my jobs is making sure y’all understand what’s going on. If something’s confusing you, please don’t hesitate to ask me about it.


Nice to see that twenty-first century humor has managed to last into… whatever year this is, huh? Some memes truly never die.


@meepinater okay, I know I’m not up date, so I’m just gonna ask, what the heck is ‘Rickrolling’? Something to do with pranks and Rick Astely right?


You play the never gonna give you up song