Salvation: Part II

“Yeah, though on slightly different circumstances.”

“Hey, Gatecrasher!” Forcep calls to the Decepticon.

Zepar’s journey would be uneventful, though he might notice the green speck of light above the mysterious island to the south- the one that Pixel had begun to chase.

Corona shrugs again.

“Whichever one you’re more comfortable with.”

One sword falls right out of the crumbling hands of a particularly damaged sentinel.

“Huzzah!” Facelift cheers.

OOC: so, Actaeon and company are in a long hallway, and the door is built into the wall on the right. There are sentinels lining both walls and a few partitions in the middle of the hall.

“Yes,” Shockwave replies. “The scanner is of an older make, predating the war, and might unlock a hidden door if presented with the proper sequence of CNA.”

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Gatecrasher stood straight and looked over his shoulder.

“So, if it’s a lock, why not just plant a bunch of charges and blast our way in?” Epsilon asked.

Zepar makes a mental note to investigate that light and island later after he had spoken with Corona.

The sound of Shockwave’s hyperflux cannon charging could be heard through the commlink.

“That is one possible course of action,” the cyclops considers.

The main entrance to the tower was open, though Zepar might spy Corona and a few of our heroes through a large, round window.

Forcep gives a short wave.

“Tests are done,” he says, pointing a thumb back at Deus. “Figured I’d give ‘Deus’ here some fresh air.”

The hatchling was looking much better now- still a walking pile of ancient junk, but a more structurally sound pile, nonetheless.

OOC: Hold it right there! Since when did Shockwave have a Hyperflux Cannon?!

IC: “Maybe there’s a way to cut into the scanner and find out what it’s looking for?” Epsilon asked.

Zepar walks inside and heads off to meet Corona.

“It’ll probably do him some good then.” He said.

Revus sat reading a book by his lonesome

The sound of Shockwave’s cannon powering down could now be heard.

“Another logical option,” he supposes.

“Oh, good! Zepar’s here now, too,” Corona says when Zepar enters the control room.

Forcep nods.

“That’s what I was thinking.”

Song approached it, wanting to inspect it.

“I take it you were expecting me.” Zepar said to Corona.

“Question is where we can find a tool to do that.” Epsilon said.

“Thank you for the help doctor. I trust he’s ready to go?” He asked.

Shockwave steps aside.

“I was hoping that Wildsong would have brought such equipment,” he says.

“He’s a picture of health,” Forcep quips.

Deus, meanwhile, was wandering around the room and looking at the various ancient machines on display.

She stood down, inspecting it.

“I cannot bring my equipment if I have no idea what I am working with.”

Like Shockwave had said, this scanner was fairly old- it had largely fallen out of use several thousand years ago in favor of more painless and efficient machines.

Shockwave casts a glance at Epsilon (@BlackBeltGamer98).

“Why are you looking at me?” Epsilon asks, “I don’t even know what that thing is exactly.”

Zepar approaches Corona.

Actaeon looks at Facelift,
“Try it. Who knows is might work.”

“Am I right to assume that you know everything?”

Shockwave raises his cannon.

“The armed approach is starting to appear the faster and more feasible method of deciphering this mystery,” he quips.

“Not everything,” Corona clarifies, holding up her hand. “That is an unfortunate misconception that I appear to have had little luck in dispelling.”

“Well, you haven’t exactly been around to dispel it, lady,” Thrift points out.

“After you,” Facelift offers, gesturing toward the door.

“Seriously; with my luck it’d blow up or something if I tried it.”

Driftshot nods,
“Well I guess I’ll take whatever little comfort that means.”

Actaeon grabs the sword and places in the knight’s hand, hoping it was the right one.

“Pure Decepticon mentality.”