Salvation: Part II

“Then who’s next on the list?”

“Acteon.” Zepar said.

“OK, I’ve never met him either.”

“Okay, Have you met Sidestep, Pixel, Caeda, Redstocker or Spectrum?” He asked.

Corona nods in turn.

“Right,” she says.

“Now,” she continues after taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, “allow me to get this part started, as Thrift might say…”

“I most certainly would…” Thrift quips with a hint of pride. Corona walks over to the edge of the podium, and a winged minicon flies over and transforms into a microphone for her to hold.

“Only Redstocker. Really, I didn’t knew we had such coloured names around us.”

Delta’s eyes widen in impress as she saw the Minicon.
Alterion was listening.

Juliana waited on bated breath, and Gatecrasher focused his attention on Corona

The crowd, too, falls silent.

“Good morning!” Corona greets the many thousands of cybertronians assembled- among them pilgrims, Salvation crew members, and many of our heroes.

“Today, as I’m sure you’re all aware, is an auspicious day,” the prophet continues, her voiced projected over an array of unseen speakers through the city.

“As I promised, our journey here has not been in vain, and salvation has been delivered unto us… though perhaps in a more literal sense then we were expecting,” she quips.

“Took ya long enough!” Sidewinder could be heard shouting from amidst the crowd. This elicits a few laughs, one from even Corona herself.

@meepinater The speech could be heard from the beach, where Sprocket, Grommet, and SideStep were.

“Oh, a grandiose speech,” Sprocket comments. “About time we had another one of those…”

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Gatecrasher smiled, but it was invisible beneath his mouthplate, which he had pulled together to hide his emotions.

Juliana seemed frozen with stage fright.

“Uhm… You OK?” Delta asked her.

OOC: Was this aimed at Juliana?

OOC: Uhm… Yes.

OOC: you don’t sound so sure of that, but ok.

IC: “T-too many people.” She stuttered.

OOC: I said “her”. You have only one female character.
IC: “So…?”

“A-all looking at me.” She stutters

“Only I’m looking at you.”

“Out-out there,” and she slightly motioned towards the crowd.

“Then let’s see if we can’t make some sort of arrangement to have him able to attend the meeting.” Zepar said.

“To that end,” Corona continues once the laughter began to die down, “I hope you’ve been treating the crew of Salvation well since they arrived last night, and have showed them the hospitality due to the saviors of our species.”

Indeed, Salvation’s crew had enjoyed a warm welcome, and many stood in the crowd this morning, such as Salvo (who towered above most), the bridge crew, Halfrunner, Deus, and the taciturn DJ. Lurch, though, could be seen standing by himself, having chased away most bots with his bigoted rhetoric.

“You may have also noticed,” Corona says, “that I have a few of them standing behind me, wasting their time while I prattle on and on…”

She gestures behind her to Delta, Alterion (@Toa_Vladin), Gatecrasher, Juliana (@ProfSrlojohn), the Splitter brothers, Spectrum (@meepinater), Pixel, Blight (@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister), Driftshot (@Jcton), and Epsilon-5 (@BlackBeltGamer98)

“You got that right!” Sidewinder calls out again. “Get on with it!”

Get on with it!” many in the crowd, such as Salvo, Broadband, and Thrift, echo good-naturedly.

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Epsilon seemed to be getting anxious.