Salvation: Part II

Spectrum continued to skip ahead of the group.

Thrift takes a deep breath, preparing another long-winded and reference-laden explanation.

Before long, the group stands before a towering, triangular door. Sensing their presence, conduits in the walls flicker dimly to life, as the door splits in two and slowly sinks into the floor with a long, echoing screech.

Facelift winces- an interesting display for a being whose sole facial feature was a single eye.

Ouch,” he comments. “This place has seen better eons.”

Through the door was a wide hallway, lit only by shafts of sunlight poking through the clouds and the jagged holes in the ceiling. The light falls upon worn cyberglyphic inscriptions in the walls, smashed columns supporting angled walls, and crumbling metal statues of cybertronian knights.

Gatecrasher waited for it. He was interested, he just didn’t show it well.

“And now that you have been caught, what are you planning to do?” Zepar asked, his tone almost like a warning.

Epsilon tried to stop Thrift but decided to let him have his moment.

“Who are you all?”

“Now that I think of it, I haven’t even met this Redstocker before. Actually I barely talked to the rest of the crew before! I guess Aridocara and the others were slowing me down… But now that they are all dead…”
OOC: Wait, did Alpha (Delta’s ex-crush from Mistika’s time) died too?

“Alright,” Thrift says, “here it is again.”

“Facelift- you might know him; tall guy, pink armor, yellow eye in the middle o’ his face? Anywho, he’s been snatched, and we’ve gotta go all Liam Neeson on whoever took him. Know what I’m sayin’?”

“Like I said: nothin’ stupid,” Breakout maintains.

“Decepticon stowaways, I guess,” Shakedown says. “No point keeping the cat in the bag anymore, huh?”

“That’s harsh,” Salvo comments. “They weren’t all bad, were they?”

OOC: yes, he did.

“Listen, I’m done with this game. Tell me what are you doing here with the Omega Key!”

“Well… My opinion about them was mixed, really, before their last few days. Even with them being Decepticons and all, but I have my opinions about the politics of our war. However, all of them seemed to have turned out into either psychos or crazy.”

“We just told you guys!” Gearbox says. “We were just hanging here, having a drink, when the d*mn thing zapped the bottle and carted it off somewhere.”

Salvo lifts a finger.

“Aren’t those…?” she begins to ask, tilting her head.

“…Whatever. Mental health’s Forcep’s job; I just shoot things.”

“Or I would, if I had anything to shoot…”

Zepar glared at them, “And I’m now wondering why you got left behind.” He said.

“You were having a drink next to the Omega Key?”

She shrugged.
“Some crazier than others.” she clarified. “Road Lord turned out to be (OOC: I can’t even remember them, so sorry if I am mistaking) a mad doctor that tried to rebuild his lost love. Somehow he turned her into a male. Don’t ask how. Roadkill, the one who seemed the craziest, turn out to be a decent guy, but also a male-ified version of said lost love.”

“Well, like he said, Obsidian left us behind when we got swamped by terrorcons,” Tossup says.

“The spawn of a glitch buggered to save his own tail while we got eaten alive.”

“Yeah,” Gearbox affirms. “It’s an outta the way spot, an’ the view’s pretty nice.”


“…Huh,” Salvo reacts. “Sounds complicated.”

“Wait, are you heretics?”

“That’s the exact same way I reacted when I found out. Other than ranting about how little sense it makes. He was Roadkill! Up to that moment I thought that his brain module got rusted, for Primus’ sake!”

“They are.” Zepar said, not taking his gaze off the group.

Song’s expression turned from curiosity to conflicted.

“Everything but the bit about Liam Neeson. I know not who that is”

“Long story short, Facelift got kidnapped and he was taken through a ground bridge and we’re trying to find the ground bridge so we can go through it, find him and get him back to the Salvation safely.” Epsilon said.

“Ah. I see. That IS a predicament”

Salvo shrugs again.

“Stranger things have happened, I guess,” she supposes.

Breakout rolls all eight of his eyes, while the other three Decepticons sigh.

“Uh-huh,” Thrift agrees, nodding his head animatedly.

“Any ideas where we might find it?” he asked.

OOC: Gotta go. Just assume Gatecrasher is following them wherever they go.

“So, what are you going to do?” Zepar asked the heretics, “Are you going to help us or are you going to wait for a chance to betray us and hand us to Bludgeon?”

“How about we work together?” Epsilon asked the group, “If there’s more of us, we may be better able to protect ourselves and Facelift from whatever may attack us.”