Salvation: Part II

Shockwave stands up, manning the controls to the patch. He hands SideStep two cables trailing from the machine.

“Lie down and plug the jacks into the backs of your heads,” he tells the two. Lurch reluctantly complies.

The console didn’t provide an answer.

Facelift continues his modifications, occasionally shooting an upward glance at Starchaser himself.

Greasemonkey nods his head.

“The first one produces cybermatter,” he says. “Or some strange variety of it, anyway. We’ve discovered some useful applications for it.”

The flying ace kept her focus on Facelift as he worked. Ready to spring at s moments notice if he tried to pull anything sketchy. Given her current state, it probably wouldn’t end well. But she wouldn’t take any shady business lying down.

“Like what?”
He asked curiously.

SideStep does as Shockwave says, grinning.

Facelift dutifully completes Starchaser’s modifications after an hour or so’s work, stepping back once he’d put her back together. Waving the black wand over her again to re-activate her pain receptors, he undoes the operating table’s restraints so that she could climb off.

“Aaaaand that’ll do it!” he declares.

“Repairs, mostly,” Greasemonkey says. “The cybermatter’s properties seem regenerative in nature.”

Lurch seems disturbed at how much SideStep was enjoying this.

“Initiating neural bridge,” Shockwave announces. “Three… two… one.”

SideStep’s vision fills with a bright flash of technicolor light as his body locks up, the Patch automatically inducing stasis lock.

Starchaser stood up and shook herself off a bit. Decided to give her new forms a bit of a feel. First the new space fighter. She transformed then and there. Partially revving up her engines and spinning her guns. Not enough to do anything. Just to feel. It felt powerful. A definite upgrade.

Then the new helicopter. Much like before, it felt like a straight upgrade. The dual rotors may even offer greater maneuverability than she already had.

And just to be safe, she changed into her prop fighter mode. Much to her relief, it felt no different than before. She then changed back into robot mode, and turned to Facelift.

“I gotta admit, you do good work. Thanks doc.”

“You think… It could fix… Me?”

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SideStep was unsure of how to react, staying perfectly still.

Naturally,” Facelift says proudly. “It was my pleasure. Now, as for payment…”

Greasemonkey is silent for a moment, before saying:

“I suppose it’s worth a try, at any rate.”

When the light clears, SideStep finds himself standing on a flat grey stretch of hard light, spreading out forever in all directions. The “sky”, if one could call it that, was an unnaturally light shade of blue, lined with sharp white lines that glowed softly.

Lurch stood opposite of SideStep, looking around at his new surroundings.

Starchaser sighed.
“Alright. How much?”

“Where are… The keys?”

SideStep glanced warily at Lurch as he looked around him.
“Well this is… an experience.” He said.

“Hm… multi-changer, two alt-modes, consolation fee for verbal harassment…” Facelift begins to calculate.

Greasemonkey gives Broadwing the location of the Omega Conflux.

Lurch looks around at the bizarre surroundings as well.

“Quite…” He agrees.

Sidestep rubs his hands together.
“Alright let’s see if you’re telling the truth or not.”

“y4A4y!” clapped Pixel, dashing to Caedia’s foot and pulling her towards the others. While it was effective, she did step on him a few times.

“Pixel?” glowered Blight, his fingers tightly wrapped into fists. He slowed, and faced Juliana. “Oh, um, I guess I should introduce… you two to each other.”

“Jul-EEEE-AnA and Caed-EEEE-uh!” Pixel giggled as he shook himself back into shape, pointing at the respective bots.

Juliana looked at the bot in question. “You are Blight’s sister?” She asked, her voice betraying no emotions.

Caedia portrayed many emotions, most of them in the “confused” category. “You are Blight’s girlfriend?”

Blight looked as if he was about to self-destruct.

Juliana stepped back surprised, a slight blush on her cheeks.

“What! No no! We’re just friends!” She denied.

OOC: This is turning out like a bad shojou, and I hecking love it.

“Oh,” scowled Caedia. Now she seemed more disappointed. “Never mind, then.”

Pixel cackled as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard. Small drips of light fell from his “eyes” and disappeared as they ran off his face.

Blight was frozen stiff in the look of pure embarrassment and discomfort.

“Um… Blight? You okay?” She said, waving her hand in front of his face.

Starchaser tapped her foot impatiently.

“Thank… You.”
With that Broadwing transformed and flew off towards and into the Conflux.

“Uh, yeah, yes, I am,” he mumbled. He turned to Pixel, who was crippled on the ground in his hilarity, and picked up the minicon by the foot.

Off to the side, he hissed at the dangling minicon, “What on Cybertron are you playing? You think this is a game? Is all of this just some kind of game to you?”

Pixel shook his head and sputtered through his fit of laughter, “N0! It’s n0T a gam3! It’s a JoK3!”

“You think this is funny, Pix? You think bringing me to witness a person I really like meet my jerk-of-a-sister is hilarious?”


“Well, it isn’t! Playing with people’s relationships isn’t funny!”

Pixel stopped giggling. “?it,s n0t?”

“No, it isn’t!” growled Blight. “It’s seriously messed-up! Please, just leave me alone! Go find your sister and terrorize someone who can afford to lose more friends than I can!”

Pixel swung loosely for a second, and then said, “S :persevere: rry…”

“I don’t care if you’re sorry. Just don’t do anything like this again.”

He dropped Pixel to the ground, where the little bot shattered. He rebuilt himself quickly, and drips of a dimmer light flooded from his eyes. He thought “sorry” was supposed to work.

Blight returned to the small gathering.

Caedia looked concerned. “Are you-”

“I’m fine,” he grumbled.

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“You don’t look like you’re fine, nor does Pixel” Juliana noted, looking over Blight’s shoulder at the small bot, “What did he do?”