Salvation: Part II

Zepar, Garand and Epsilon come out of a Ground Bridge, “Then let’s get that Key back before they abuse its power.” Zepar says.

Zepar and company come out of a portal near SideStep’s group. Without further hesitation, Shockwave, Facelift, Thrift, Halfrunner, and DJ begin to press forward toward the ancient spire.


Epsilon and the Angelicons join the charge.

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Starchaser, Pipebomb, and Broadwing all climbed out.

Fortress transformed into his robot form. Looking at the fleet above, he deployed his targeting visor and aimed his mass drivers, as they were the only weapons that would be effective at such a range.
“I shall provide artillery support while you retrieve the relic, and stave off any threat the decepticons may bring.”

“Are you kidding me? Buddy, that’s an entire fleet. I’m sure you could put a dent in it, but they’ll rip you to scrap!”
Starchaser said, almost scolding her colossal friend.

“If that is to be my fate, then I accept it without hesitation. It is my purpose to serve, and protect. To ensure the salvation of Cybertron, and all her inhabitants. Only one key remains before our quest is complete. If I my sacrifice will ensure that it is kept out of Bludgeon’s hands, and be used to save our world, then it would an honor.”

“Would you stop that!”
Starchaser shouted. She sounded furious, but moreso, she sounded scared.
“Just because you weren’t made like the rest of us doesn’t mean you get to throw your life away! I don’t care if some louse autobots told you it was your job to die for us! You deserve to live just as much as anyone else!”
The flying ace screamed, tears welling in her eyes.

Fortress was quiet for a moment. His guns lowered and his visor retracted. The giant knelt down on one knee, the grown trembling lightly at his impact. He looked down at Starchaser, looking right into her optics.
“Starchaser. Listen.”

The flying ace froze in surprise. This was the first time Fortress had addressed her so directly, let alone by name.

“In death, I do not fear the end. But that all I’ve grown to care for shall die with me. The Salvation, her crew, you. Though the time we have shared has been brief, I would trade it for nothing. You have truly shown me what it means to learn, to live, and to love. So, if I die here, promise me that you will not. Promise that you will live on, and ensure Cybertron’s restoration.”

Starchaser was speechless. Tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Yeah… Yeah, I can do that.”
She said quietly, her voice choking. She walked up and put her arms against Fortress’ shin, doing the most she could to embrace him.
“Just promise me it won’t come to that.”

The giant’s leg pulled away as he got back to his feet, still looking down at his friend.
“I will do, what I can.”

As our heroes and their allies make their charge, the warships and mercenary vessels overhead begin to move- their arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed. Several guns mounted on the undersides of the Decepticon fleet angle themselves down at the forest and fire, blasting trees into charred splinters.

One ship aims for Fortress specifically- the giant presented a big target- and fired a blast from a plasma cannon at him.

The giant took a step back and moved his arm across his face, his forearm taking the hit. However, he had underestimated the force of the weapon. As the blast took his entire left arm just below the shoulder. The massive appendage tumbling behind him, twisted and mangled. Barely recognizable.

Wasting no time, he deployed his visor and took aim with his mass drivers. Locked and loaded, he fired two metal slugs at the ship which attacked him. One specifically aimed for the bridge or cockpit, depending on how big this thing was. The other aimed for the primary engines.


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From his position on the ground, Fortress wouldn’t be able to target the gigantic ship’s bridge. His shots strike the armor around its engines, but inflict no meaningful damage. The ship’s weapons fire again, this time launching a small barrage of plasma down on Fortress from multiple gun mounts.

Fortress stood his ground, taking aim once more. But before the blasts could reach him, the giant heard someone shout behind him.


Fortress paid the sound no mind, but only a moment later he felt something small strike his back with extreme force. Enough to push him forward a small distance, just out of the assault. He felt the heat of the plasma against his back as the gunfire struck the ground behind him.

He turned around to see what had happened, surprised to find Starchaser on the ground. Laying just in front of the crater, her breath heaving. The jets on her heels glowed the bright burning orange of hot metal. She had clearly pushed herself to an extreme measure in order to move the giant.

“Why do you strike me? You said-”

“I changed my slagging mind! You didn’t put a dent in that thing! If you try and fight the only good you’re going to do is giving the enemy one less target to worry about! So cut the noble self sacrifice crap and MOVE!”

Fortress looked above, as the warship was no doubt preparing another assault. A target his size couldn’t hope to find cover, but he could likely outrun the guns in vehicle mode.
“Your logic is… Sound. I shall leave this fight, and get you to safety.”

“I’m fine! Just worry about yourself!”
Starchaser tried to get up, but with the damage done to her legs, she was only stand for a moment, before falling again.

Fortress said nothing in response. He gently picked up his friend with his remaining hand, and transformed into vehicle mode. Driving off in the direction of the woods.

“Where are they going?”
Broadwing asked as he saw the transport carrier drive away from the battle field.

“Probably somewhere that isn’t here, and if you ask me they got the right idea!”
Pipebomb replied.

SideStep continued making his way towards the spire, keeping a look out for enemy fire.

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The New Decepticon fleet incinerated the forest beneath it, blanketing the landscape indiscriminately and assuming that our heroes would be caught in one of the many blasts and obliterated. But to the south, a rumbling sound thunders through the snow-tipped peaks.

Salvation barrels onto the scene, flying between two mountains, her hull scraping along their slopes and causing great avalanches of boulders and uprooted trees. Patches of her hull glowed orange and smoke still curled off her from what must have been a rapid descent through the atmosphere. The New Decepticon ships cease their bombardment, as if surprised by their rival’s sudden entrance.

Beneath Salvation’s fins, her foldspace warhead batteries open and slide forward, disgorging scores of torpedoes that rocket toward the New Decepticon ships and leave wispy contrails behind them. A pirate ship in Bludgeon’s employ is struck in the side, its front half vanishing in a flash of light. It’s engines fall onto the bridge tower of an assault ship, destroying it in a fiery explosion.

Dozens of ground bridge portals open on the ground, through them charging squadrons of united Autobots and Decepticons. Overhead, Salvation and the New Decepticon ships deployed swarms of fightercraft and flying transformers. The warships begin to trade fire as their fighters become entangled in dogfights, taking the heat away from our heroes- at least for now.

Trees snapped in half and splintered as Fortress barreled through them. It would seem our heroes weren’t entirely forgotten by Bludgeon, unfortunately, as a dropship swoops down ahead of them to drop off a pair of heavy troopers and a chem-trooper to face them.

SideStep glanced at Fortress. “Howdy there, big fella!” He yelled, waving. “Could use some help!”
He raised his pistol and began firing at the chem-trooper.

Meanwhile, the three Splitter brothers rushed into a hangar and transformed into jet mode, taking off to join the dogfights in the air.

Spectrum remained with Forcep, preparing herself to deal with the incoming injured bots.

Fortress skidded to a halt, and transformed into his robot form. Presumably looming over his adversaries.

Starchaser was kept in the driver’s cabon, relocated to Fortress’ back.

The giant’s shoulder turrets swiveled into place, and unloaded a rapid fire assault on to the two heavy troopers. The war giant felt confident in taking on these opponents, as heavily armed decepticons were what he was designed to counter. Though he remained cautious, as not only didn’t have the best track record up until this point, but was carrying a precious cargo as well.

Far behind, Pipebomb and Broadwing raced to their friends aid. Though it would be a short time before they arrived.

The shots ricochet off of the chem-trooper’s armor, and the New Decepticon raises his cannon. He launches a glob of corrosive slime at SideStep.

The two heavy troopers are instantly destroyed, blown to bits by the metal slugs launched from the cannons. But the dropship still hovered overhead, and shot at Fortress with a plasma cannon under its chin.

The sky between Salvation and the New Decepticon fleet was filled with bright technicolor explosions and futuristic jets that chased each other through the air. Salvos of plasma and missiles from the warships scream past overhead, with Salvation’s barrages striking the black hulls of her enemies dead-on, while her shields absorbed the brunt of the fire levied against her.

Five air troopers in their jet forms draw a bead on the Splitter brothers and begin to chase them, firing their plasma guns at the three.

Forcep quickly prepared the medical bay to receive great amounts of wounded robots, casting a grim glance out the windows at the battle unfolding outside.

SideStep rolls forwards, dodging the shot, before raising his pistol and firing again.

The three brothers split off, rolling and twisting to avoid the shots. Thrust cut his thrusters, trying to fall back behind the air troopers.

The shot once again bounces of the chem-trooper’s thick armor plating, and he shoots another glob of slime at SideStep.

The air troopers break up as well, with two each going after Lightshift and Vigor. These two continue to shoot at the wings and engines of their quarries.

The one trooper still chasing Thrust shoots ahead of him, caught off guard by his crafty maneuver.

Sidestep jumps to the side, growling in frustration.
He switches his focus to the chem-trooper’s weapon, firing at the gun.

Thrust ignites his thrusters again, firing his weapons at the trooper who flew past him.
Lightshift tries to loop above and behind the air troopers, while Vigor spins and twirls to avoid the shots.

SideStep gets in a shot at one of the hoses feeding slime into the gun, causing the gelatinous fluid to spill onto the chem-trooper. The armor on his legs and midsection begins to rust and break down.

Thrust shoots down his pursuer, who disappears in a fireball.

Lightshift’s pursuers peel away from each other, falling back as Lightshift makes his loop. One of the two jets chasing Vigor keeps shooting, while the other increases her speed to fly above him. She transforms and tries to grab onto Vigor’s wings.

The treads beneath his feet drove backwards, carrying Fortress back as the plasma cannon fired upon him. As he retreated, his mass driver cannons re-aimed and fired at the dropship.

SideStep grinned, firing at the spots where the trooper was corroding.

Thrust turns and flies towards the enemies attacking Vigor, who was successfully grabbed by the trooper. He barrel rolled, trying to fling off the trooper.
Lightshift turns towards one of his attackers, firing his weapons as soon as he got a clear shot.

The dropship is struck on its side and underbelly, and careens down onto the scorched earth in a crash-landing.

The chem-trooper staggers as the shots punch through his weakened armor, and he falls over, in stasis lock.

The other air trooper chasing Vigor breaks her pursuit and flies up at Thrust, shooting at him. Meanwhile, the trooper grappling with Vigor hangs on for dear life and pounds a fist against his cockpit.

Lightshift shoots down one of his pursuers, but the other one comes up behind him and resumes firing at him.