Samurai X-3.0 Mech

Hi it’s Sokoda again!

As some of you know I’m a huge Ninjago fan.
A while back Tommy Andreasen, one of the creators of Ninjago asked this on Twitter:

What would PIXALs new suit and SamX 3.0 look like?
Anyone is welcome to submit a design.
(I hardly have anything to do with design of products and this is not about that, but if you have idle hands, why not put them to fun use?)
Let’s see some designs!

I designed a minifigure for this and I felt that if I make a new Samurai X suit, she needs a fitting Mech as well. So I built a Samurai X mech as well.

Here is my original PIXAL/Samurai X design, that I built this mech for:

I wanted it to combine design elements of PIXALs original design and the Samurai X design.

I hope you like my Mech and the Minifigure

All the pieces used in the Mech are avaliable in these colors. The Minifigure has some recolors.

The file and the Renders can be found here



closer eyes would be cool on the pixal fig but the mech itself looks pretty nice and combines the styles from all the last few samurai mechs pretty well


Nice! It’s a really sleek design, reminds me a lot of Exo-Force.

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Really cool mech design and the colours are perfect, great job!

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0/10 no knees

I dig the build, but Pixal’s eyes are way too far apart from each other IMO.

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yeah now that you say it, I can see it. I used a picture of her face, to make the prints, maybe the decal got stretched while applying it to the piece.
I’ll have to look into that

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Im really starting to love the Brick Built with Ball Joints stuff! Especially if it is well done like this!

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For a bit I thought that this was official! Great job!

Hey sokoda! fancy seeing you here! The moc looks Great! I love it!:+1:
also I wish lego made ninja go sets as great as you make MOCs!

@PahrakStudio03, @SonicBionicleMaster @toakohakkanuva Thank you. I did try to make this one look like it could be an official set. I also only used pieces that exist in these colors (except for the figure) so it could be built. I was thinking about getting the pieces from Bricklink to build it, but they were pretty pricy.

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Y’know, I’d pay LEGO good money to get them to make that an official set. Perhaps you should put it on lego ideas as well. After all, you have already proven to be a master builder with your legend of the bionicle masterpiece! I wish I could build as well as you.

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Thanks so much! I mean theoretically I could put it up on ideas. It follows all the rules and the mech itself doesn’t even have recolors. But I don’t know if enough people would be interested in supporting it. Also I don’t know if they’d use an “ideas spot” for a Ninjago set. We get a good amount of them every year.

True. If only Ninjago had as many message boards as Bionicle (of which Ninjago has none)

The Ninjago community is more on Twitter and in Discord servers from what I’ve seen.

Yes. I’m on one. Although basically half of it is dedicated to memes. :astonished:

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:hotdog: H O T D O G V I S I O N :hotdog:

Love this. Reminds me of the old Exo Force sets, only you’ve got a completely enclosed canopy and some really sleek lines. For some reason the double click joint parts making up the bicep look especially nice to me. Main issue is the fact the shoulder joints sit so low on the torso, and the skirt parts should probably be mounted a little further out to allow them to sit more naturally.

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Thanks for your comment.
The skirt parts sticking out like that was a bit intentional.
I wanted it to look like the original Samurai X mech

But yeah i can see that it looks a bit unnatural. Maybe because of the gaps between them and the legs

I tried to rework the face print for my PIXAL figure after @Toa_Radrix 's comment. Adding and ajusting these prints is horrible especially the faces!:astonished:

Could someone give me some feedback if they are better now? I kind of go crazy after working on them for a while and really can’t tell if they are good now.


Well done, it’s much better.

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lol @ the people passing this around as a “leak”


:pensive: I saw the video yesterday. It’s super frustrating. I’m sure the person that made it knew it’s no leak. Of cause they cut away my logo and don’t mention at all I submitted it for Tommy on Twitter and they are spreading it around and mislead people. I really don’t like that!

I wrote them a comment, where I asked them if they didn’t know this is a fan made design and told them that I don’t like it that they lie about it being a leak. But they didn’t respond, just “hearted” my comment on Youtube.

I’m not really sure what I should do now