Samus Prime

So I decided to go build a MOC based off of Samus Aran from the Metroid games and so I came up with this:

If you search up Samus on Google Images you will find some pictures of Samus in poses I tried to recreate with this figure. I worked really hard with this figure trying to make her look feminine and looking like Samus and I think it worked out but it does not look perfectly like Samus. I would like to think that Samus (I called Samus Prime) came from an alternate universe where she is a robot but did all of the stuff Samus did in the games. Now for some more pictures! (as a side note the hand may look a little funky from some angles having what seems like unnecessary parts but I actually use these hands for more than this MOC so the other parts are used to hold swords and have other uses like that.)


It’s kind of lanky.

I’d try to shorten the limbs just a bit.


this is not even close to Samus
one She was Orange
two her legs are a somewhat bulkier
and three
her helmet is a different shape to the Hau
here is Photo to show the comparison


Doesnt really give off much of a samus vibe…


I did what I could with my limitation of parts. I have a lot more gold and red shells compared to my 5 orange shells I got with the single Nex set I bought during HF’s run.

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You could use LDD
since you can colour parts aswell


I would suggest using slightly shorter bones on his legs, as the stand out too much to me.

The moc is very simple and doesn’t look like samus at all (also might wanna edit your post to Samus Aran, not Aron).


Nice moc for a first topic I think, but it looks more like a femenine tahu than samus


its a good moc
its just not samus


I will say while it might not be Samus, the body structure is somewhat similar. now that I’m past that, the leg gaps are blatantly obvious. maybe using Custom legs here would work better.


i personally like it although it just looks like a female tahu

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This looks like hero factory Tahu.
As a Metroid fan I am dissapointed.


I made a samus Moc too, so from one mocest to the next i would use the Vakama Metru mask if you have it, it has more of a resemblance to her helmet, but you do have some good idea’s for this moc, i wish I had those sholder armour pieces

Legs need to be bulked up, and head needs to be fixed. But not everyone has the recources to do that. Oh well.

yea but is’t that the Varia suit, he could have tried to base it off the starter suit.which is red and yellow, plus gold is pretty close to yellow.

Yeah, I don’t think this user is going to respond since the user never posted anything afterwards (last activity was posted the day he/she join) .

even though this is an outdated moc I want to comment something

Well at least you didn’t give this moc awkward proportion.


It just hit me how much the new star Wars leg shells look like samus’ legs. Someone could make a really nice samus with those parts.

It kinda just looks like tahu stopped eating for half a year.

So it has been a while and I can’t update this, but I did finally make a better version with LDD so if you want to see it I am posting V2 after I post this reply. I think it is a lot better then what I could do with my own collection so I hope you guys like it more.

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