Sanctum Guard, Matoro & Izotor CONCEPT ART

A little rushed, clearly. I was planning on actually drawing Kopaka, but the computer has been crashing constantly tonight, and my self-imposed deadline was today - along with the fact that I have to start working on something else.

Felt like doing this one to illustrate my point a little better from the previous Matoran concepts that I did for the Matoran of Fire. While the main idea was to show their heirarchy through color, something I’d like to see with the Matoran is more unique designs depending on the region (That can still adhere to the color-heirarchy thing). Iv’e noticed Oomatu’s designs have a pretty similar idea, while Ven’s, as awesome as they are, go in a slightly different direction to what I personally was aiming for.

Here’s what I picture Matoran of Water fisher people to look like, for example. Their color heirarchy would be based more on oranges and sandy colors, with the blue growing in prominence the more important they become.

Time to “disappear into the night” i guess.