Sand Dune

This may not look like much, but this is my first attempt at drawing something fully digital, with no traditional sketch or a template to go by, start to finish, with a Wacom Intuos Pen Small…

In traditional drawings, my favorite scenery subject to draw are mountains, that’s why I chose the moving mountains of the desert to be my first full fledged digital drawing.


Looks like a good start. The shading on the dune is pretty good. Hope to see more like this in the future

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i like sand

so by default i like this drawing.


It’s not that bad for a first try


Thanks dudes :slight_smile:

Really nice. My first time was horrible

Really good for a first attempt

Pretty good. The overall presentation and the shading were well executed.

Simple, but I like it quite a bit.

Beats my first attempts at sand dunes… well done!

Thanks :smiley: