Sand Tarakava Replica Sale, Kanohi/Krana, and Sealed Sets

If anybody wants to negotiate a price please let me know. I also have a huge array of Kanohi and Krana for sale. Message me and i can see if i have any that you want.


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also, mate, you might want to fix those last 3 images.

Ooh, the sand tarakava sounds cool, what would be a starting price? Did you get it from someone else or did you put it together yourself?
Can you confirm that all the parts are matching to the original? Besides the mask, of course.
Also more pictures from other angles would be good too.

I made sure that everything on the replica is accurate. I had to put it all together myself. Ill take some photos later if you want but there are already good photos of it out elsewhere as its pretty much an exact replica, of course missing the mask.

As for price im thinking £50 would be a good starting price for me (but i still need to think about it. But the buy it now price is £70. How does that sound?

The parts had to be imported from all over the world and are pretty hard to come by so thats why its so expensive because it takes that much to make them pretty much xD

I probably should have known it was expensive. It's a reasonable price for a replica of bionicle history, but I don't have enough money for that.

Just in curiosity, do you have a list of the parts? I've looked online, but couldn't find any.

Maybe if the pound drops below the dollar i'll buy it XD

lol i hope not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the pound has been going down recently anyways heh

No i dont have a parts list im afraid.

I'm curious as to how much Matau Hordika is.

depends where are you based? Because i may include shipping in the price.
Im thinking around £15 but its negotiable :slight_smile:

I was checking, I might be interested.

I live in the US, in Illinois

it will be a while; I gotta scrounge up the money

with shipping it will probably end up around £25 which is about $30. For an old sealed including shipping overseas seems reasonable to me

PM if you do want to buy the set :smiley:

Did someone already buy the sand tarakava? How much would the bid and buy it now price be in USD?