Sans MOC

I saw someone made a Papyrus MOC for the video game challenge, thought maybe some people here would like this.


That probably took a skele-ton of work
anyways, the moc is pretty accurate to the original design, though the technic motor flexy rods (I don’t know technic terms, I’m a casual) seem a bit odd imo.

also, is there an option for normal eyes sans you have?

8.something/10 too lazy to fill past the decimal point


I don’t really know anything about Undetale,but judging from what i’ve seen,isn’t his eye supposed to be blue?

Other than that,this is a pretty amazing MOC.

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no clue what it is, but it looks pretty good.

San’s Skull just Looks Amazing!
I also really like the way the jacket Turned out

What this guy said!

His eye actually flashes blue and yellow, so what he has works.

Looks like you put a ton of effort into this MOC… A skele-ton. Badum-tss.

But anyways, this is a great MOC.


I personally found this joke quite humerus.


I hope there aren’t any people who hate puns around here. If there are, I’d really hate tibia.

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Looks great. Would like to shake it’s hand.

As far as skeletons whering sports coats go, it’s not bad.
Also, if anyone hates all these puns, there sure in for a RIBing!


This is amazing. :smile:

Respect = lost


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yess i was waiting for something like this !

this is so good :laughing:

I usually don’t mind them, but you guys are really making me lose my head.

As to the MOC itself, I really like it, although I have no clue what it’s based off of.

That looks really good! It also looks just like the in game version as well.

its from "over-rated’-tale

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Fixed that for ya :blush:

Anyway this MOC is amazing, it looks exactly like sans.


why did you fix something that needed no fixing


Well, I know it is from Undertale, but I dont really know much/care to know much about undertale.