Sareake The Next Protector of Jungle

Sorry for the Wait for a another Moc. I wasn’t sure how I would do this, but finally here’s a another Moc, and Her name is Sareake!

Bio: Sareake is a Protector of Jungle and the Daughter of Vizuna. Her Mother is Harvali, an archaeologist and an experienced mountain climber who became friends and soon fall in love with Vizuna. when Sareake was Young she wanted to fly like the Toa of Jungle Lewa. so when she got older and the help of her Friend Onuron she made her self a Jet Pack that Allows to fly though the Jungle. she also made a Rapid Shooter Similar to Korgot’s seeing How she was a Fan of her Work. when she became 19 years old she became the Protector of Jungle, and Now with the Help of her Fellow Protectors she will Protect not just her Region but entirety of Okoto and making her Family Proud while doing it

well that’s all for now, hope you like it!


Very nice. I like how the simple act of posing it correctly, makes it look more female than the model ever could be. Good job!


It’s simplistic but pulls it off very well, the trans pieces really bring it together. One of the best protector mocs out there!

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This is a nice little protector moc. My only gripe is that the wings would look way better if they were a bit more poseable. Other than that everything is solid here.

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@ProfSrlojohn @Kardax
Thank you Very Much!

@Zero Thanks and Yeah, sorry for the Limited Poseable Wings

I’ll try to make them more Poseable when I make a New Version of Her


Looks nice.

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